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May 22

Mass Murder: Norway versus America

In Brief—A comparative look at how Norway and America treat felons convicted of murder. The case of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik reveals the gap between the two countries. Violence That Shocked a Nation— Eight people were instantly killed in Oslo by the violent blast of a bomb. Sixty-nine people on Utøya island, mostly vacationing …

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Nov 01

Truth or Myth—A Test

In Brief—A presentation of statements designed to test your knowledge of commonly accepted beliefs, history and current events with regard to whether those statements are true or myths. ——————————————————————————————————————————– We’re Not Entitled to Our Own Facts— Periodically, Gail Collins, columnist for the New York Times presents a list of questions to test how much attention …

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Apr 19

The Hell of Solitary Confinement

In Brief—A discussion of the institution of solitary confinement and its affect on inmates, both juveniles and adults, who are subjected to this form of torture as punishment for often minor infractions of the rules. —————————————————————— Brain-damaging Torture— It’s dark and it’s cramped. After the occasional switchings, the spankings and the belt, there was also …

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