Tag: “The Other”

Dec 04

Prejudice is Down Deep

In Brief—A peek at the often hidden prejudice that hides within most of us as well as the blatant prejudice we find in some misguided individuals. Prejudice is a Plague Hiding Within— It emerged from hiding in my subconscious in the unlikeliest of places. Dressed in my hippie trousers, flowered shirt and with my wallet …

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Nov 27

Human Nature: An Unconventional View

In Brief—Bay explains why he believes humanity has no better than a 5% chance of survival beyond the end of this century. —————————————————————————————————————— Humans are Flawed Creatures— Capitalism, seeking profit, is just one reason why humanity has only a small chance of surviving beyond the end of this century. Greed, short-sightedness, forcing one’s way of …

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May 25

Whiteness and “Check Your Privilege”

In Brief—The currently popular phrase, “Check your privilege,” suggests that whiteness confers advantages not enjoyed by people of color who are most often disadvantaged by the difference in skin color. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————  The Advantages of Whiteness— They called me “Whitey.” It stung but it influenced my life’s philosophy. I experienced what it was like to be …

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