Tag: Social Security

Feb 14

Republicans and Their Regressive Platform

In Brief—A discussion of the hurdles Republicans face that will determine whether the nation stands or falls in an ever-changing world. ————————————————————————————————————— Hurdles Determine the Race— I have a confession. My first vote was Republican. If it was good enough for my family it was good enough for me. I quickly realized that my philosophy …

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May 31

Have You Ever Noticed…?

In Brief— To conserve energy, our brains have developed ways to automate certain actions done frequently. This piece reveals some of the actions you carry out without really noticing. Oh, and there’s a bit about Social Security. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Automatic Pilot— We go through life to a substantial degree on automatic pilot. We give thought to …

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Nov 06

Social Security: A View from the Ground

On October 21, I wrote a piece titled “Social Security: The Truth” saying (among other points) that raising the cap is the simple way to solve whatever problems SS may face in the future. Kathlena Contreras wrote a comment that mentioned other problems with SS. Her comment deserves expansion. In this guest piece, Ms. Contreras …

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Oct 21

Social Security: The Truth

Social Security and the Survival of Your Retirement— Social Security is not related to the federal deficit. It is funded by a tax that is withheld from your earnings during your working life. That money goes into a nearly $3 trillion trust fund that is healthy even though it can easily be made still healthier. …

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