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Jan 29

Love and Human Nature

In Brief—An exploration of what is meant by “Love” and its possible sources. Is it real or merely a transitory experience? “Love is a serious mental disease.” (Plato) “I love you” may be the most common expression in the human repertoire, but its vagueness avoids some truths that are the core of human nature. Love …

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Jan 22

Memories of My Parents

In Brief—Bay remembers his parents and the influences they had on him from childhood and adulthood. —————————————————————————————————————————————— Does the Apple Fall Far from the Tree?— For good or for ill, our parents not only endow us with their genes but provide the environment that helps shape us. Nature and nurture in concert. One question we …

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Jan 17

Weddings and Such

In Brief—Musings on the author’s wedding…and a little advice. ———————————————————————————————————————- Love Blossoms Unexpectedly— It was a beautiful day in late spring, but aren’t all wedding days beautiful! We gathered on our front lawn, a light Southern California breeze carrying the scents of the ocean and the flowers that abounded. A few friends, a rambunctious child, …

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