Sep 11

Dupes Are Born Every Minute

In Brief—With apologies to P.T. Barnum (sorta), the author points out how humans will believe what they want to believe despite solid evidence that they are wrong, whether it’s politics, religion or science. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” (falsely attributed to P.T. Barnum)— You can dress it up and put lipstick on a pig, …

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Aug 28

How to Make an Enemy

In Brief—A examination of American policy on assassinations and how they have served to make more enemies than they kill. Hypocrisy Fosters Contempt— A wedding celebration turns into a scene of horror. If the attack were only one wedding celebration it could be claimed that it was a tragic mistake, but American policy has assured …

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Apr 24

Chronicle from the Old Folks’ Home—Part 6

In Brief—The author’s musings in those creative early morning hours. ——————————————————————————————————————————- Chaos and Injustice Reign— “So what are your plans for the day,” asks the ever-cheerful woman who prepares to feed me. “The same as every other day” is my reply. It’s a reflection of the sameness of every day about which I have written. …

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Sep 21

The Destructive Dead-End of “I’m Afraid…”

In Brief—We are permitting unreasoning fear and cynical political calculation to corrode the soul of America and cementing in place our basest instincts instead of casting those negatives aside and following a path that will lead to a brighter future. Only we have the power to change course if we will inform ourselves and vote …

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