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Oct 16

Live With It or Deal With It

In Brief—Problems come into our lives, so we have a choice to either accept what has come our way or we can change it. The choice is ours. Not Choosing is a Choice— “Illusions” by Richard Bach contains a wise bit of advice: “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for …

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Nov 02

From Bad to Worse…and Back

In Brief—A lump in a woman’s breast is about to change her life when, without warning, she watches helplessly as her favorite dog dies. A worry about her own health is suddenly complicated by an unexpected loss. Life is threatened by the entanglement of physical and emotional turmoil. —————————————————————————————————————————————-  A Life Goes Topsy-Turvy— Umm-m-m, a …

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Dec 06

Reflections on My Life

Problems Offer Gifts— In a strange way, my disabilities can be seen as one of many strokes of luck I have experienced. Every time I am fed through the tube, I get to lie quietly for an hour, dozing sometimes, but most often reflecting on my life (or this blog). Speaking just for myself—others probably …

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