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Nov 06

Social Security: A View from the Ground

On October 21, I wrote a piece titled “Social Security: The Truth” saying (among other points) that raising the cap is the simple way to solve whatever problems SS may face in the future. Kathlena Contreras wrote a comment that mentioned other problems with SS. Her comment deserves expansion. In this guest piece, Ms. Contreras …

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Oct 21

Social Security: The Truth

Social Security and the Survival of Your Retirement— Social Security is not related to the federal deficit. It is funded by a tax that is withheld from your earnings during your working life. That money goes into a nearly $3 trillion trust fund that is healthy even though it can easily be made still healthier. …

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Sep 04

The Critical Importance of Party Platforms

The Party Platform as Blueprint (It’s NOT Boring!) Being something of a political junkie, I decided to read the political platforms of the two major parties and the Green Party before the election in 2012. Yes, I said the political platforms of the two major parties. I recommend everybody do the same. It might just …

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