Tag: Constitution

Oct 30

Trump, Racism, Misogyny and Memory

In Brief—With the national election on Tuesday, November 8, voters risk having a clueless tyrant, Donald Trump, destroy all that America stands for and its preeminent position in the world. Deny Donald Trump the Oval Office. The Tyranny of Ignorance— Disbelieving Swedes ask me if Donald Trump stands a chance of becoming president. I say …

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Jan 23

America’s Pluses

In Brief— America can boast not only natural beauty but many positive attributes: the people are generally law-abiding, friendly and generous, both domestically and globally. Though troubled by the problems faced by most governments, it is considered a model for good governance and an engaged citizenry. A large, powerful and multi-cultural country, it remains a …

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Nov 11

Edward J. Snowden: Whistleblowing Hero

Hero Not Villain— Anybody not living in a cave in a remote corner of the globe knows that Edward J. Snowden, former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, downloaded a treasure trove of revealing documents showing that the agency was operating beyond its mandate to acquire intelligence that might reveal terrorist plots against America. I won’t …

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Sep 06

The Syrian Civil War and America’s Involvement

American Imperial Overreach I hadn’t thought I would post a piece on the Syrian Civil War until several friends asked me for my views and suggested I post my position on this blog. I stated that I am opposed to American involvement. I provided the reasons set forth below. They are in no particular order …

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