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Jul 03

Chronicle from the Old Folks’ Home—Part 8

In Brief—The author describes another ripple in the usually calm waters of the Old Folks’ Home. An Old Woman Helpless on the Ground— “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” It sounds like a hackneyed line from an old television commercial. We used to laugh at the line. It became a joke. But this …

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May 29

Chronicle from the Old Folks’ Home—Part 7

In Brief—Not every day is the same. Some days are a little different. The author discusses some of those “different” days. Over the Wall— A death occurred in this department recently. The escapee was a sturdy ninety-two-year-old man who sat silently at the table in the day room a few days before he escaped the …

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Jan 31

Chronicle from the Old Folks’ Home—Part 5

In Brief—Musings on dementia and what the author sees and thinks on his forays down the corridor. ——————————————————————————————————————– A Death Before Dying— Fritz is an expert on Civil War history having won several awards for his books on the subject. At 67 and still in fine physical shape, he doesn’t give much thought to forgetting …

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Sep 15

Musings on Death With Dignity

Suicide: a Strictly Personal Decision? “Flowers for Algernon” tells the story of Charly, a retarded man who becomes a genius following an operation successfully pioneered by Algernon, the laboratory rat. The tragedy is when Charly realizes that his miraculous improvement is slipping away and his intellect is diminishing as Algernon’s did. This story made me …

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