Category: Justice

Apr 26

The Murder of Pat Tillman (a Late-Breaking Lie)

In Brief—The American military seems to be attempting to patch a hole in their mendacious stories of the death of Pat Tillman when a former soldier says he “may have been” the person who accidentally killed Pat Tillman in 2004. The author of this blog says, “Don’t believe it” and tells why he sees evidence …

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Mar 28

The Murder of Pat Tillman

In Brief—A brief review of the known facts surrounding Cpl. Pat Tillman’s death in April of 2004 leads to the author’s conclusion that in light of the lies by the American military as well as numerous undisputed facts, Tillman was deliberately murdered by one or more individuals in the American military. The case remains uninvestigated …

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Jan 18

Free Will—Thoughts and Considerations

In Brief—A review of the factors that influenced the author’s thought process in arguing that the concept of free will is damaging to the American judicial system. Failure to mandate introduction in evidence of the influence of an accused’s genetic inheritance and environment locks the system into turning a blind eye on the world as …

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Jan 12

Free Will Revisited

With this piece, the DeBaytable blog will start with a brief synopsis of the longer discussion that follows. Henceforth, each piece will be preceded by such a synopsis. This will afford the reader the opportunity to read just the synopsis to determine if the longer blog piece is of interest. This change will not in …

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Nov 26

The Female as Property

Females as Less-Than… Though there have been some improvements over the past fifty years and even within the past decade, the simple fact is that females are still treated as second-class citizens. I use the term “citizens” when in fact females the world over, whether American citizens or not, are lower on the privilege ladder …

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Oct 02

Part 2—Free Will: R.I.P.

Is Free Will Viable? This posting arises from Kathlena Contreras’ comment regarding my original posting on Free Will. A reply to her comment in the Comments section would be less visible to readers of this blog than a full discussion in a regular posting. Briefly, Ms. Contreras challenges the contention that free will is an …

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Oct 01

Free Will: R.I.P.

Free Will—A Zombie Existence Free Will may be a good subject for ethicists, philosophers and graduate student Ph.D. dissertations, but with the exception of preachers using it to condemn sinners or judges and lawyers using it to condemn accused criminals, does it really exist? Science has revealed that it really doesn’t exist. In a moment …

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Sep 21

Marijuana: A Modest Proposal

Cannabis: The “Miracle” Weed? Weed. Grass. Pot. Ganja. Dope. These are just a few of the nicknames given to the plant Cannabis Sativa or, more commonly, Marijuana. It is a Schedule I drug in the United States along with heroin, cocaine and a whole list of genuinely dangerous drugs. But is it dangerous? Does it …

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Aug 24

The Pillorying of Bradley Manning

Thirty-five Years!  Isn’t thirty-five years in prison more than a little excessive? This is the sentence handed down on August 21 this year by the military judge in the court martial of  whistleblower Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning. The prosecutors argued for almost double that number of years in prison, but the military judge in her …

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