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My blog discusses current issues of national or international interest, religion and belief systems, personal musings and whatever else catches my interest. It reflects my thinking and philosophy about subjects which may at times seem unconventional to those who don’t know me. I hope it will stimulate thought and discussion.

Quick Descriptions of “Worth Checking Out” Sites

Some of the names on my list are ones you will recognize although you may have an uninformed opinion of them. Others will be new to you. This will give you a bare-bones description of the people and organizations on the list.

ACLU— Devoted to the preservation of civil liberties, if necessary through litigation. The organization’s efforts are often misunderstood and misrepresented.

CCR— Devoted to Constitutional issues, it often engages in litigation for the purpose of preserving the Constitution.

Barry Eisler’s blog— This writer blogs most often about political issues in a refreshingly candid manner. You never doubt where he stands.

Daily Kos— Covers the news ignored by the mainstream-media.

Doctors Without Borders— Provides medical services throughout the world, often in areas of conflict. Low administrative costs allow contributions to get more bang for the buck.

Flying Tiger Press— The website of Kathlena Contreras, a first-rate writer. Hey, honesty and paternal pride dictated including this site.

FCNL— A Quaker site devoted to legislative efforts to achieve peace.

Free Inquiry— A magazine published by the Council for Secular Humanism.

Human Rights Watch— Worldwide check on the status of human rights.

Just Foreign Policy— Reports on American foreign policy.

Linda Greenhouse— New York Times journalist and lawyer who provides astute analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Michael Shermer— Author and publisher who writes the Skeptic column for Scientific American magazine.

New York Times— Though part of the staid mainstream American press, it should be read with a critical eye for educational purposes. Your local paper should be read with at least the same critical eye. Skepticism is advised for both.

Paul Krugman— Nobel Prize-winning economist and author who writes and blogs for the New York Times.

Richard Dawkins— Renowned British biologist, outspoken atheist and author.

Snopes— A fact-checking site devoted to examining claims for factual accuracy. Originally focused on “urban myths.”

The Nation— Oldest national magazine devoted to left-of-center news, analysis and the arts.

Tom Dispatch— Blog featuring news and analysis ignored by the mainstream.

Truthout— Compilation from assorted sources of news stories dealing with subjects frequently (but not always) ignored by the mainstream press.