February 2018 archive

Feb 18

Tradition: Male and Female Ownership

In Brief — An exploration of history, religion and beliefs that uncovers some uncomfortable truths about human males and females in society. [Written September 2017.] Myths and Realities About the Sexes — Courtship and marriage are believed to be the norm. The question is whether this is true in all cultures throughout time and throughout …

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Feb 11

The Destructiveness of Twice-yearly Time Change

In Brief — A look at how changing our clocks twice a year hurts not only human health but shows the flawed thinking of business interests and politicians. [Written in October/November 2017.] Changing Our Clocks Endangers Our Lives — Spring forward; Fall back. They sound like admonitions for healthy exercise and military retreat, but it’s …

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Feb 04

The Eyes Have It

In Brief — The history, the people, the development of cataracts and the way they are treated. [Written in October/November 2017.] ———————————————————————————————————————————— To See or Not To See — It’s a simple operation that can mean the difference between sight and blindness. To the person afflicted with cataracts the operation results in preliminary nervousness, but …

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