Nov 05

Choose Improved Health or Early Death

In Brief — Facts about the food humans eat that can lead either to improved health or to disease. [Written in July 2017.]


Eating Right Can Improve Your Life —

I made a mistake. Well, it was only a small one, but nevertheless one that could shorten many lives. Genes are only part of the equation. In January of 2015, aware of my longevity inheritance, I wrote the blog piece “Eat Your Veggies.” I recommended a vegetarian diet that would improve health while at the same time saving the lives of our fellow creatures and bettering the chances that Earth can survive human predation.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can make a big difference in whether we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the massive food industry, particularly large corporations; the medical community, including numerous doctors and hospitals; Big Pharma (the real drug pushers); and the politicians we elect. In short, do we remain dupes or do we take charge of the life or death aspects of our own lives? Changing what we eat is a simple act. Cheaper, too. Easy on the family budget.

A long-time friend who makes an effort to lead a balanced life sent me a documentary titled “What the Health.” It documents the ways the villains mentioned above do their manipulative dance while deliberately sacrificing all of us on the altar of Profit. The ultimate goal of the well-researched documentary is to point out the reasons we should change to a plant-oriented Vegan diet.

Being the person I am, I researched the film looking for both criticism and support. What I found was unqualified support for the message of the healing properties of a Vegan diet. The only criticisms I found were from industry sources pointing out the dangers of interfering with the market. Put bluntly, for the villains Profit is more important than human life. Heaven forbid we disturb the market.

Whatever you do, be sure to read “What the Health” (It can be found on Netflix). Read it all then return here.

Shocking Suffering by Our Fellow Creatures—

The size of the problem is apparent in the statistics. New Zealand, with a human population of about 4.5 million, has 7.5 sheep for every New Zealander. China has almost half a billion pigs while America is second with about seventy million pigs. Brazil is third with about forty million of the oinkers.

By the way, a pig is about as smart as an average three-year-old human yet it is frequently held in torturous little crates and gets to eat ground up pig meat. The next time you eat a pork chop, reflect on the fact that you’re probably eating pig fecal matter. Would food inspectors and researchers lie?

Chickens? As of 2009 there were nearly fifty billion — that’s 50 BILLION chickens — in the world, many of them in inhumanely crowded cages in huge factory farm sheds waiting to die to become those McNuggets McDonald’s serves. Republican politicians in assorted states are passing “anti-terrorism” laws to prevent compassionate activists from filming inhumane conditions most often used by huge factory farms. Profit…and lots of fecal matter, too!

And then there are helpless tortured calves that are torn from their mothers to become veal in your local market. Contemplate that the next time you serve veal cutlets. Their butchered mothers and fathers will help assure that meat-consuming humans get heart and lung diseases, diabetes, cancer and more. Oops! Upward go health care costs.

By now you have probably figured out that we humans are almost totally unaware of the monumental suffering imposed on our fellow creatures. We just don’t want to know some very uncomfortable facts, but we might just want to save the planet and its inhabitants by becoming vegetarians or Vegans.

Don’t Rock the Boat —

So what opposition will you find to eating only plant-based food? What pressures are doctors submitted to?

It may surprise you to learn that several professional medical associations opposed adding a mere seven hours of nutritional instruction for would-be doctors in medical schools in California.

While doctors are taught to diagnose and treat diseases, most don’t give attention to preventing illness. Preventive medicine gets short shrift. It cuts into profitable sick patient traffic.

Big Pharma, the world’s major drug pusher, spends millions of dollars to get doctors to prescribe their drugs. Hard-pressed and indoctrinated doctors learn it’s easier to prescribe drugs than it is to find cheaper and more effective ways to control a condition. Eating right gets ignored.

Politicians are easy targets for lobbyists to convince about the ways to keep restive constituents mollified. Both lobbyists and medial professionals make more money. Hospitals, too.

Your Responsibility —

Lest you think you are off the hook, you’re not. Don’t be so blindly trusting. Ask questions of your doctor. You might get lies or guesses, so take the time to learn how you can be healthier. The power rests in your hands.

You can often head off or reverse that disease limiting you. Eating intelligently is an important part of that quest. Eating a plant-based Vegan diet is the first step toward improved health.

Type “Vegan recipes” into your browser to find hundreds of delicious plant-based recipes. Your life is the most important gift you’ve ever been given. Treasure and care for it. Eat healthy! Eat plant-based food.

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    • Dave Meyers on November 5, 2017 at 17:50

    Doctors, more often then not, treat symptoms rather than cure diseases.
    Patients, want pills rather than take responsibility for their conditions.
    It’s easier to be fat and out of shape than to be healthy…….healthy takes effort.
    When given a choice between a few extra days of life and a Moon-Pie, most would choose the Moon-Pie.
    Everyone knows what is good for you and what is not. The choice is easy, the self-control is hard.
    You are what you eat.

    • Don Bay on November 5, 2017 at 19:03

    You are generally right when you say it’s easier to take a pill, and too many doctors are brainwashed by Big Pharma, but when you say that “everyone knows what is good for you and what is not,” you are wrong. Most people don’t know they are poisoning their bodies by eating meat and dairy products. Switching to a vegan diet can extend a person’s life and result in improved heath.. it takes will power and isn’t easy at first, but the benefits show themselves in just a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for alerting us. And keep eating healthful food.

      • Dave Meyers on November 7, 2017 at 06:46

      NO….I don’t think I’m wrong.
      I’m speaking about right and wrong in the basic sense. Ask anyone if potato chips, soda, and ice cream are good for them and they will likely answer NO. Ask them if fruits and vegetables are good for them and they will likely answer YES. So, on basic level…..people know.
      You are promoting a specific diet. And you may very well be correct about it’s effect on health. However, there are plenty of example of folks who eat a ‘traditional balanced diet’ who are doing just fine. Living well into their 90’s and beyond. One friend, now 106 lives a full life. She’s ambulatory, alert, and has all her facilities…..and eats meat and dairy. But I do understand the point you’re trying to make.
      A blanket condemnation of anything other than a Vegan diet, however, may be a bit harsh. Many varied diets around the world sustain healthy life just fine. The AMERICAN diet of proceeded food, sugar laden snacks, and chemical faux food is unquestionably bad for anyone.
      Your smart animal argument is another question. ….for another day.

        • Don Bay on November 8, 2017 at 06:36

        Since neither of us can get inside the minds of people, it’s possible that the eaters may know that the stuff they are eating isn’t good, but they just don’t care…or they are saluting with their middle finger.

        I’m suggesting that a vegan diet is more healthful than any other diet, but a vegetarian diet is far better than the food most people eat. The fact that Americans are told that a balanced diet is recommended conveniently overlooks the power of the food industry. I heartily recommend you watch the documentary “What the Health” to see the powerful industries behind the propaganda put out by government “watchdogs.” You’ll find that what the public is told is propaganda. Don’t forget that the supposedly truthful people at government agencies know which side their bread is buttered on.

        You make the point that some individuals live long and productive lives, but you don’t know what they eat or what their genetic makeup is. A good example was my mother who smoked, drank too much alcohol and ate tons of steak most of her life yet lived to 95, so your argument is irrelevant.

        The same argument goes for people elsewhere in the world. It’s impossible to judge if they might live longer with a plant-based diet.

        One thing we know for sure…eating a plant-based diet makes more sense rather than leveling forests to raise more cattle or feed for food animals. Climate change may affect raising more plant-based food, but as you say, that’s another issue.

    • Susan on November 6, 2017 at 04:13

    I’m so happy you wrote this!
    My husband wouldn’t watch this film.
    He probably won’t watch it even though I told him you researched the film.
    I’m not total vegan yet , but I’m working on it.
    I’ve cut out eggs and almost all dairy .
    Both of our girls are now vegan, son vegetarian.
    No turkey again this Thanksgiving.

      • Don Bay on November 6, 2017 at 06:29

      Since you didn’t mention meat, I’m assuming you still eat some meat. Think about those poor animals — some of whom are smarter than the family dog and all of whom are sensate creatures — slaughtered for human consumption. Stop eating ALL meat and dairy products and experience better health in exchange. American markets have tasty substitutes.

      As for Marty, I can only say that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make make it drink. He’s still a capital guy. Is he at least curious enough to watch the documentary to find out how he’s being manipulated?

      BTW, both girls are to be congratulated. Many in our family are the same and are healthy individuals.

  1. You got most of it. There is also the point, connected to pigs eating pig brains that mad cow disease was a result of exactly that. And of course there is the depletion of the ozone by animal flatulence that means we’re all going to die from climate change. Humans have been self destructive for a very long time. I wonder how much longer we will get the privilege of killing ourselves.

      • Don Bay on November 7, 2017 at 06:16

      By hitting the high points, I must necessarily miss some of it, but you are right that there’s more to say. Mad cow disease and flatulence are part of the destructiveness of eating meat. It’s important that we should eat only plant-based food, but unfortunately most people are creatures of habit and are unwilling to change. Only those who are willing to think of the total picture and are willing to accept change can become vegans.

      We are headed for the exit not just because of politics but because of limited thinking and plain bullheadedness. All living things are going to die, but let’s not rush toward the exit.

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