Jul 30

Racing Toward Ruination

In Brief — An exploration of the assorted ways Trump and the shameful Republican Party are damaging America and arguably the world. Also, the steps toward firing the special counsel. [Written in July 2017.]

A Child-Man and Republicans Pursue Destruction —

It is said that the mills of the gods grind slow. While it may appear to be moving slowly toward resolution, the destruction of America is actually proceeding at a swift pace that may take decades to reverse and move in a rational direction.

Even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller moves toward exposing and possibly prosecuting Trump, his aides and his family, we don’t know for sure. Hints abound in that Mueller is hiring specialists in money laundering, requesting Trump’s tax records from the IRS, looking at Jared Kushner’s business dealings with Russia, Donald Jr.’s meeting with Vladimir Putin’s friends and more. All of this is reportedly related to Russia. Trump has even said that Mueller’s looking at Trump’s tax records has crossed a “red line” that may lead to Trump firing Mueller.

All of Special Counsel Mueller’s moves suggest that Trump is in the cross-hairs. Because of this, among other strategies Trump’s lawyers are focusing on looking for ways to show that Mueller has conflicts of interest. Whether it’s Mueller’s former clients, donations to the Democratic Party, the possibility of Trump’s ability to pardon targeted individuals (even himself!), firing Mueller would create a constitutional crisis the likes of which America has never seen.

Steps Required to Fire Mueller

The question of what Trump must do in order to be able to fire Mueller are listed below. [Note: my legal experience is lacking in the bizarre world of Washington politics, so this is only approximate, but it’s in the ball park.]

  • Fire Attorney General Sessions — That may pose a problem since Sessions has recused himself from anything having to do with Russia. That has already caused Trump to sour on Sessions. As this is being written in mid-July, Sessions has refused to step down, but that may change at any moment. A further question mark after Sessions’ departure is whether Trump will name a replacement who has not recused himself.
  • If Sessions is removed — Second in command at the Department of Justice is Rod Rosenstein. He’s the guy who appointed Mueller in the first place, so he would likely have to go. Next comes Rachel Brand. Would she resign or be fired? Trump is looking for someone with the authority to fire Mueller AND someone who will be loyal to him (Trump). Who will that be? See the further question mark above.
  • Somebody in the Justice Department is eligible — Assuming that somebody in the department is found (Dana Boente comes to mind), only then could Mueller be fired. That would lead to the constitutional crisis referred to above. All hell would break loose…and Putin would be smiling.
  • Trump’s spokeswoman has stated that he…” has no intention to do so [fire Mueller] at this time.” Notice the last three words. Even Senator Bob Corker (R, TN) vaguely hinted that firing Mueller would be questionable. However, Republicans are already working to support Trump!

Although the Trump team appears to want to avoid exposing Trump to broad public condemnation, it is clear that Trump and his lawyers will expend enormous energy at undermining Mueller in the general public eye. It’s a risky gambit not least because Mueller has a squeaky clean reputation far and wide.

As said earlier, Trump and the Republican Party are bent on destruction by whatever means possible. Trump’s appointees are hard at work in a variety of areas, not just health care. Crowds have opposed Republican efforts to gut Obamacare and Trump cheers the Republicans on. Opposition to the Republican health care bill is admirable and must continue, but there are other areas deserving of opposition: environment, voting rights, national parks, LGBT rights, climate change, immigrants, women’s rights, public schools and more. Are you willing to stand by passively and allow this destruction to happen?

It now appears that the mills of the gods are grinding faster and faster, so the procedure given may be academic by the time this blog piece appears. That aside, America will still have the Republican Party to contend with, so hold the cheering.

The 2018 elections are your opportunity to save America. Vote the road-blocks out. VOTE!

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    • Dave Meyers on July 31, 2017 at 00:58

    All your points are well taken…..I could prattle on for hours about Trump’s incompetence.
    I do believe that there are some signs that Republicans may be reaching the limit of their tolerance. But to give up their position of dominance in the government would be a nearly impossible pill to swallow for them. So….they will hang on, pronounce Trump’s ‘virtues’, and continue to push their moronic agenda, and fail to step forward and condemn his conduct or that of his sycophant advisors for as long as they can before reaching a breaking point.
    I would love nothing more than to see Mueller reach a conclusion that might bring criminal and even treason charges Trump’s way. I think it’s more likely that one or more of the ‘Boy Band’ underlings will go down first. That would be OK with me too.
    I said in the early days when we all agreed that Trump could not win, that his run would, at least, ruin his brand. I believe that is happening regardless of whether he faces charges or not. And I firmly believe that he will NOT complete his first term, with or without criminal charges.
    He may reach a point where resigning will seem a better option to him than to have the curtain pulled back on his business dealings. It may also be that the Republican Congress invokes article 25 when he crosses a line that simply can not be tolerated and will be harmful to them in the future. There are signs that they are losing their fear of him lately……and when a bully loses his ability to intimidate……he fails.

      • Kathy on July 31, 2017 at 05:28

      Trump will never resign. We’re talking about a guy whose fragile psyche can never allow him to admit he’s wrong. He’ll have to be dragged out, kicking and screaming, then he’ll whip his cult followers into revolution, the country be damned.

        • Don Bay on July 31, 2017 at 06:53

        Although I once believed Trump might resign (I believed congressional Republicans would force him out), I think your analysis of his ego may be correct. Also, congress is willing to ride that horse as long as their jobs are not threatened. That last point now appears to be a bit shaky.

        Mueller’s investigation of Trump and his family may result in impeachment which could force congress to rethink their prospects. That’s the reason for my last point above.

        Regardless of the outcome, the country is being weakened by Trump’s appointees and his own stupid machinations. Health care is important, but constituents mustn’t forget the other depredations. Let’s hope the 2018 election will slow this runaway train down.

      • Don Bay on July 31, 2017 at 07:07

      Your thoughts pretty much parallel mine. See my response to Kathy. The key appears to be Mueller. His findings and actions could clear the fog and will probably shake congressional Republicans…maybe even some Trump voters.

      On this last point and, indeed, voters generally, my low opinion of voters’ memories is worrying relative to the 2018 election. The Republicans need to be voted out of office in droves, but I’m not confident this will happen. We’re going to have to see how this shakes out.

      Meanwhile, the destruction goes on.

    • Linda on August 4, 2017 at 00:07

    Well, Mueller just impaneled a grand jury so something’s cookin’.

    I’m w/you Don, not so sure voters will dump Republicans out of office or that Democrats will run out and vote. I wasn’t confident that Trump would lose either because Dems don’t go out and vote like Republican voters seem to do.

    It is questionable that Trump will resign due to his ego like Kathy says but it may end in what he perceives as worse for him: resignation or impeachment.

    And so it goes.

      • Don Bay on August 4, 2017 at 06:44

      The information you provide on Mueller is news to me, but it can’t move fast enough for me…although I want it to be done right.

      Meanwhile, Trump and the Republicans are doing tremendous damage to America. It’s going to take a long time of rational repair to head a prepared America into a fast-changing future.

      Along with your activism…get some sleep!

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