Jun 18

My Letter to Women

In Brief— The author’s impassioned plea for an awakening of opposition to what is being done to limit a woman’s power over her own life. [Written in March 2017.]


ALL Women are Oppressed—

I’m alarmed. Why? Because women are being deprived of the right to determine their own lives. Some friends tell me that it’s men’s problem, too, but men who want to control women are obstacles to be overcome while all women have the power to say to those who would control them, “No, I’m the only one who has the right to determine how I live my life.”

I’m an old guy now, an American who chooses to direct this to Americans and to English-speaking females everywhere. I know that females are treated as second-class members of society everywhere in the world, but although those living in foreign countries carry burdens, I’m focusing this plea primarily on American women who are under attack as never before.

Some of you will say that you are already opposed to restricting female rights. Some of you will say that you are the CEO of a corporation. Some will say they are doctors, lawyers or scientists. Some will say that I have a lot of crust to chide them about standing up for women’s rights. To all who say stuff like this I say, “Wonderful, but you are still limited and oppressed in ways you never thought about.”

Are you a woman of color with limited resources? Do you have limited finances or limited education? Are you a worker who puts in a full day in the office and comes home to cook, clean and raise your kids? Are you a single woman working two jobs to pay the rent and put food on the table? Are you paid less than a male coworker doing the same things? Do you have an abusive partner? Are you a LBGT individual who feels the lash of discrimination? Do you face demeaning and groping by supervisors in the workplace or are you pressured to “put out” in order to get promoted? Are you a Marine who is treated as a “slut” by your male colleagues. These are just a few of the ways women are being oppressed. There are dozens of examples of women who are being oppressed. Oppression comes in many forms. If you’re a woman, you know about oppression.

If you look at what is happening under the administration of a confessed sexual predator who is also a liar, you see laws being passed to restrict what a woman does with her own body. Politicians—mostly men, but also a few women— seek to eliminate the right of all women to determine their own reproductive health, defund Planned Parenthood because they provide abortions in addition to general female health matters, destroy a woman’s right to an abortion and even contraception, eliminate Title IX efforts to provide equality for women, force all of you to believe as they do. “It’s my way or the highway” is their motto. Are you angry yet? Are you pissed at them or are you angry at me? Which party is attacking you? The answer is…the Republican Party!

Some of you are Republicans. You should ask yourself why you are a Republican. “Well,” you say, “I like their economic approach and their efforts to reduce the size of government, etc.” At the risk of offending you with the truth, you’re a dupe to buy that hogwash, but this is about how they are robbing you of your rights. You don’t need me to point out that the Republicans are busily attacking your rights even as I write this. Don’t believe me? Do your own easy research on known reliable sites, not cherry-picked right-wing sites like Breitbart. Just yesterday (March 30, 2017), Mike Pence helped the Republicans place more restrictions on women. Pence is a Republican!

Here are some facts for you to digest:

In congress, 97% of House members are reelected; it’s 90% of the Senate. That’s because the average voter doesn’t bother to check what their representative votes for. After you absorb that fact, make yourself some easy money by asking friends or coworkers to name only three of their six federal and state representatives. They probably can’t name even one. Don’t be greedy. Bet them a measly quarter. By the way, know the answers yourself.

As of June 2016, the Washington Post states that are thirty-one (31) Republican-dominated states have at least one regulation that limits your right to make decisions about your own body. Restrictions apply even to female teenagers. They are discriminating in a variety of ways. That should make you angry. Why are you allowing this?

Take just 15 minutes of your valuable time to write or call your congressional and state representatives and say, “I will cast my vote to remove you from office unless you remove all laws restricting what I can do with my own body!” Then follow through at the next election. There’s nothing like a threat to fire your oppressor.

Women are oppressed. Women have the power to end that oppression. Embrace that power. Do it now and keep standing up for equal rights! End your oppression!

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    • Dave Meyers on June 18, 2017 at 19:13

    “I want less government intrusion in my life!” cry Republicans….. But, by the way, I also want government mandates aimed at what women have the right to do with their own bodies and the rights they have concerning contraception and child bearing.
    “I want the government that my forefathers wanted”……But I want the business of religion to have a greater say in my government. I also want to have every weapon I can get my hands on just in case I don’t agree with my government.
    “I want a balanced budget, less government spending, and less taxation”……But please increase military spending to ridiculous levels to keep me safe from……THOSE people. And please let rich folks pay less taxes than I do so that they’ll create high paying jobs for me.
    “I want social programs cut off to all the slackers in my country and I want that damn Obama Care repealed”….but I’ll take all the assistance I can get when I’m out of work or have a medical situation I can’t afford. And I repeat……get rid of that Obama Care, but leave my ACA insurance alone!

    Dumb asses.

      • Don Bay on June 19, 2017 at 06:58

      Looks as if you and I have a cynical view of the electorate. Your comment points out how little the average voter knows about how government works. We can only hope that the Republicans will catch it in the shorts in 2018. Then we’ll get to see if the Democrats can restore sanity to government. Although the Rs are looking backward to the past for solutions to today’s problems, it is often said that that getting the Ds to march in one direction is akin to attempting to herd cats.

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