Apr 23

Global Climate Change is REAL

In Brief— A presentation of facts verifying that humanity and other species are endangered by man-made climate change. [Written in December 2016-January 2017.]


Neither Science Nor a Deity Will Save Humanity—

Whoosh. Splat! Representative Ignoramus throws a snowball in congress exclaiming that because it’s snowing like crazy in Washington D.C. climate change is a hoax. Not only is he ignorant but he believes that the local weather is indicative of the climate all over the globe.

Otherwise intelligent people believe this myth proving once again that people will believe what they want to believe even though they are proven wrong by solid evidence. If some of Donald Trump’s appointees say human-caused global climate change is a hoax and this nonsense is reported on television by guests on Fox News or is written in Breitbart News then that’s good enough for credulous people who want to believe it.

If crazy Uncle Charlie—who dropped his pants and danced on the table before astonished guests at last Saturday’s wedding—says global climate change is a hoax, that’s enough reason for some people to buy Uncle Charlie’s hogwash.

NASA photos and 97% of climate scientists believe that human-caused global warming is taking place. Note that these are scientists who have researched the world’s climate and have written peer-reviewed papers that show how humans are affecting our planet. Only about 3% refute that percentage and attempt to cast doubt on the causes of global warming, often saying that what we are seeing is merely a temporary phenomenon. One wonders if they may have an ulterior motive such as support for the fossil fuel industry.

 Human-Caused Global Climate Change Examples—

Let’s look at a few examples of how global climate change is affecting the planet.

Coral in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, particularly the northern part of the reef, is bleaching, dying or already dead. Why? As you may know, warmer ocean water heated by global warming is deadly to coral which is made up of colonies of little creatures that require cooler water to survive. The coral is like a nursery for numerous fish that feed the hunger of the world’s people. Those fish are disappearing along with the coral.

How about the North and South poles? At the North Pole, the sea ice is melting at such a rate that during the summer of 2017 ships will probably be able to transit from one great ocean to the other. What this portends for the near future has climate scientists alarmed. The New York Times points out the impact of the melting sea ice on the polar bear population indicating that the bears are headed for extinction thanks to human activity.

The South Pole presents a different picture. Wind patterns result in a small increase in interior ice but coastal areas show a marked increase in melting. Within months, scientist expect to see the collapse of an ice shelf that will create an iceberg the size of Delaware. That iceberg will melt in the warming waters of the sea. Ice melts; oceans rise. Global warming strikes again.

Now let’s move to little Sweden. The glacier atop the country’s tallest mountain, Kebnekaise, is shrinking because it is melting. The tree line of Sweden’s pine forests is climbing. Insects previously seen in the southern part of the country are now regularly found in northern Sweden.

The glaciers in Glacier National Park will soon be only a memory. I’ve personally seen a glacier on South Island in New Zealand that used to reach the sea but now requires a hike of several kilometers before one arrives at the face of the glacier. The rivers that supply the food and water to millions of Asians depend on the glaciers of the Himalayas. Those glaciers are melting. The story is the same wherever you go on Earth. This era is known as the Anthropocene. Humanity is making its mark on the climate, on Earth itself.

Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States. Contrary to the overwhelming evidence and simple common sense, he has taken steps to reverse America’s commitment to lowering the amount of of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Although America’s commitment is already inadequate, the impact of a further assault on global climate change guarantees the extinction of numerous species and possibly humanity itself.

Global climate change is real. We are going to experience its wrath. Check the evidence out yourself and prepare for the worst.

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  1. I have seen your examples with my own eyes. Chris and I are divers and we have seen the colorful coral disappear at sites we have dived around the world. We have seen Canada’s glaciers melting. We have even seen a marked change in our little area in South Africa. The last two years have been the warmest in history on a worldwide basis. Why don’t the 3% of climate scientists believe this? You nailed it, they are in thrall to energy interests.

    The interesting thing is that climate change is probably self-limiting. It will kill all humans, human input to the climate will cease, and some living creatures will likely survive, perhaps to start the cycle all over again. Maybe climate scientists need to put information into a sealed container that can somehow be interpreted by the new apex creatures in a billion or so years that says “Don’t do this again.”

      • Don Bay on April 23, 2017 at 19:15

      The changes make me sick at heart. Once thriving tide pools are now dead. Glaciers are shrinking. Heat is becoming unbearable. Couple this with fear driving people to pull in and forget compassion, and you can see the handwriting on the wall

      As I have said, the universe won’t care that we existed as it goes on its way. In the meantime, I take great pleasure in having people like you as friends.

    • Dave Meyers on April 23, 2017 at 20:04

    You are preaching to the choir on this one, Don.
    However, there is a tenancy to envision climate change as being like an avalanche;…..it starts, it gains momentum, and it finally covers and kills all. I doubt that climate change will work exactly that way.
    I imagine that many of it’s effects will be very slow and that many species, including man, will adapt to a large degree. Yes, many many plants and animals will perish over the coming many decades, but not all. I believe that it will take hundreds of years for humanity to completely falter and die. And, that may NOT happen. As man adapts to the changes, one of a number of things may happen; He finally gets it together and abandons old dirty technology. He dies off in enough numbers to reduce need and therefore reduce dirty waste, or, in his panic to survive he persists in his stupid ways and delivers the final blow to himself anyway. But I don’t see this happening in 50 or even 100 years. Many climate change models only predict events out to 2100 because it’s not possible to understand what may change beyond that time.
    Look at the harsh environments that manage to support life now. Would it be hard for me to move to the Gobi Desert and survive?….undoubtedly….. but many animals, plants, and people have learned to do just that and they’ve done it for hundreds of years. People can adapt over long periods of time.
    There is much talk of reaching a point of no return, and that may be true, but I believe it will take longer than some imagine for the final curtain to drop.
    I am by no means discounting the immediate need to consider and fight global climate change…..it’s real!
    I just think that many imagine it as swift and complete annihilation of all things living, and I say it won’t be like that at all.
    All things do end eventually….our planet is no different, I fear.
    But I think climate change will take longer to end it than many imagine.
    And who knows! Maybe man will wake-up and get real. Maybe this flirtation with the likes of Donald Trump and his band of goof-balls will shine a light on what really needs to be done to put this world back on track.

      • Don Bay on April 24, 2017 at 07:11

      You and I agree to some extent. I have often said that humanity has about a 5% chance of surviving this century. Humans in that 5% will probably survive in a much-reduced state in some remote areas. Although many other creatures will perish, others will survive.

      I disagree with you about the human ability to adapt. Humans are very slow to adapt. Indeed, we are at the limit now. My source? Tons of research. One small example: The twice annual change of time. I’ve blogged on that insanity, so you can see what science has found.

      This piece is about only one aspect of the change coming about, but climate change is a driver of other problems. What about migration and the refugees it’s producing? Europe is already coming apart politically because of that. Pollution? Food? Desertification? Warming seas? Rising sea levels? Political crises? The birth rate? Human nature? These and many other issues are part of the problem and lead to my bleak prognostication. Fortunately, I won’t be around to see if i’m right. Thank goodness!

      Your analysis is relatively thorough and fairly optimistic. Though I respect your opinion, I obviously don’t share it. As has been said, we are entitled to our own opinions, but we’re not entitled to our own facts. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I respond that I’m a realist. Ball’s in your court.

    • Dave Meyers on April 27, 2017 at 21:52

    I do not suggest that it will be a day in the park as the Earth falters….it will be devastating and the world we know will take on a whole new form as nature struggles with the effects of industry and the total disregard for the stewardship we as humans have failed to embrace.
    I’m simply suggesting that the changes and ill effects will come on much slower than many imagine. Humans have a hard time grasping long periods of time as a concept. Many believe that humans and dinosaurs walked the earth together, they can’t get their minds around ‘Millions” of years.
    So, while climate change will no doubt unleash devastating changes, my belief is that it will happen more slowly than many envision.
    I agree that consequences like migration, water, intolerable weather, and rising seas add to the impact on humans. But I suggest that humans will have to adapt and I believe that they will as best they can. Will it prevent their extinction? Perhaps not. But all the things we are talking about will not happen over night, and as an example, as seas rise over a few generations, effected peoples will deal with it over a few generations. Will they ultimately lose the battle, I don’t know, nor does anyone else.

      • Don Bay on April 28, 2017 at 07:17

      I agree that we just don’t know how this will play out, but rather than generations, climate change is taking place faster than science expected. How much time will we have? Nobody knows, but it certainly isn’t millions of years.

      I’ve said that it’s incontrovertible that humans don’t adapt quickly at all. All the research on human adaptability shows that. Hoping or having to adjust won’t be enough. We came down out of the trees a relatively short time ago and we haven’t adapted much since then. Brains have grown, but humans haven’t changed all that much. All the pressures of climate change will take place in a few years not generations and, given our evolution, we won’t adapt. We can’t make a purse out of a sow’s ear.

      What we haven’t factored in is human nature. Human nature essentially says profit is essential, winning is everything. Let’s not change now. Tomorrow will take care of everything. Tomorrow won’t! Apply that reality to the adaptation needed to survive and the science simply doesn’t support it. Looking at the devastation around them, our grandchildren will wonder if we were paying attention to the rapid degradation of the only home we have.

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