Mar 19

Israeli Government Stupidity

In Brief— An examination of why the Israeli government stands in the way of peace with the Palestinians.

The Definition of Insanity—

It is often said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. If that is the case, why is the Israeli government refusing to treat the Palestinians as the full equals of all Israelis?

Ignorance is defined as lack of knowledge. Stupidity is willful ignorance. The Israeli government knows that its harmful policies toward the Palestinians will only allow hatred to fester, but they keep repeating those policies. That’s stupid.

There is no disputing the fact that the hatred Israelis and Palestinians feel for one another isn’t going to disappear as long as the Israeli government kills Palestinians, walls them off, destroys their homes and resorts in collective punishment of all in answer to the understandable if extreme actions of a few. This piece presents arguments for a single state in which there is equality for both Israelis and Palestinians.

I have written of the poisonous effect of wedding politics and religion. It makes no difference whether it’s Israel, Iraq or the United States. The result is always destructive. We are all human beings with common drives, but as soon as politics and religion are mixed, our commonality is forgotten in favor of suppression. It’s well past time to do something different: Live together in peace. How can this be done? In a moment, I’ll offer a solution.

In the past we have seen that Britain thought it had solved it’s Zionist problem (and other nations’ “Jewish” problems) by joining with other nations in establishing a Jewish homeland on “empty land” that had belonged to Palestinians for hundreds of years. Thus was Israel born. Thus was the foundation for conflict laid.

So how is religion involved? Judaism is based on their deity’s promise that this land will belong to its adherents forever. Netanyahu, a politician like his predecessors, keeps expanding Israel’s boundaries on Palestinian land based on this belief. Here we see a good example of the wedding of politics and religion.

Palestinian Provocation…or Dissent—

What is the Palestinian response to Israeli policies and actions? Rockets, rocks and deadly attacks against Israeli citizens and soldiers are not just provocations but can be seen as misguided dissent against unjust treatment. Regardless of the illogic of such attacks, these attacks are evidence of the hatred caused by Israeli government policies and actions.

Possible Solutions to Avoid Mutual Hatred—

Some otherwise intelligent people claim that the establishment of two states—Israel and Palestine—is the answer. As I’ve pointed out before, this solution is essentially dead and clearly won’t resolve the conflict between the two sides. What might?

I believe that only a single state granting full rights and equality to both Israelis and Palestinians could solve the problem.

Some will argue that 1) Israel will no longer be a homeland for the Jews and/or, 2) the Palestinian birth rate will eventually result in more Palestinians than Jews.

The counter argument is that with equality the existence of Israel is assured and there is no need for separate homelands in an equal world. The Holocaust is undeniable history, but it’s past. New and future challenges require a new way of thinking.

If the Palestinian birth rate dilutes the ratio, what difference does that make if all citizens are equal? It’s essentially the same as the fear in America that it will no longer be a white majority. It’s a false and illogical concern in a single state that guarantees equality for all citizens.

Israel’s counterproductive and, yes, stupid approach must be cast aside in favor of peace. Speaking of insanity, the Israeli government has now passed a law preventing critics of Israel from entering the country. That stupid move is counterproductive not only to peace but democracy.

Let’s remove a key source of conflict in the Middle East. With that out of the way, we can deal with the other conflicts that plague the world.

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    • Dvae Meyers on March 19, 2017 at 16:46

    Our brilliant and wise new president says, “I’m OK with either solution…one or two states…either is fine with me…whatever they want, I want…” Now, there’s a man with plan!
    What a thoroughly brainless chief executive we now have. But in a way it doesn’t matter which ‘solution’ is chosen…..either way may be a solution to the mechanics of the problem…..but not a solution that will provide peace between the factions.
    I believe that the hatred that the Palestinians and the Israelis have for one and other will NEVER be resolved. This conflict is so old and so ingrained in the brains of both sides that no matter which option is chosen, the conflicts will remain.
    I grew up believing that the Israelis had the moral high-ground, but certainly do not see it that way now.
    Their relentless taunting of the Palestinians and their blatant displays of force are counter-productive and squash any chance of peace in the region. And the Palestinians being the weaker side, harass and provoke the Israelis whenever and wherever possible.
    I think it’s too easy to suggest that if we only do this or that, the problem is solved…………I don’t really think it’s that easy. Changing the mind set of the people involved will be a lot harder than adjusting the geography.

      • Don Bay on March 19, 2017 at 17:56

      It may be hard to overcome the hatred felt by people on both sides, but while some individuals will hang-on to their hatred, the present state of affairs will only perpetuate the hostility. Only by creating a single state where both Jews and Palestinians are fully equal will there be any chance of diminishing the hatred and eventually achieving peace.

      The simple fact is that the two-state solution is not only no solution, it is dead. Unbridled expansion, refusing entry to opponents, and now getting the United Nations official fired for correctly labeling the Israeli actions as Apartheid — which it clearly is — can only be seen as counterproductive.

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. As I have said in this piece, the Israeli government is stupid. Ignorance is defined as lacking in knowledge. Stupidity is willful ignorance. The Israeli government has an abundance of knowledge, but it deliberately chooses to ignore the proof that the government’s actions feed the Palestinian hatred. That’s just plain stupid.

  1. coming in on your reply to Dave, I don’t think Israel ignores the fact that they are feeding Palestinian hatred, I think they fully realize it but don’t care. They have the upper hand and will always have the upper hand unless other states hold them accountable. And if the two bodies combined into one the Israelis would still be dominant and the Palestinians would be the lower caste with no recourse. True apartheid.

    The only solution I see is for the world to stop cowtowing to Israel. And will the west ever stop arming them? Not as long as there’s a buck to be made.

      • Don Bay on March 20, 2017 at 17:48

      You may be right about the Israeli government not caring about how the Palestinians feel, but I’ve stated that the Palestinians must be fully equal to the Israelis. Given the fact that many Israelis actually believe that baloney about Jahveh promising the land to them, it’s going to be hard for them to accept the Palestinians as equal. However, peace will never be easy. It beats the constant killing and apartheid that accompanies the present situation.

      It’s a great idea for America and other nations to stop coddling and arming the Israelis, but as long as Trump is in power, the coddling won’t stop. Indeed, both parties coddle Israel, but at least Obama objected to the expansion. Is the chance of peace with all Israelis and Palestinians fully equal worth the try? I think so however unlikely it may be. My idealism is showing.

      You may be more cynical than I on this issue…and that’s hard to do.

    • Donna Boe on March 21, 2017 at 04:25

    certainly the two state solution is not working, and your idea really has merit. But, how do you convince the parties, especially Israel, to give it a try? sounds impossible to me, but then – – -we can always hope.
    There are many Jewish people in the US that object to what AIPAC stands for and that sympathize with the Palestinians. Jewish Voices for Peace is one organization that works to change the Israeli and US policies.

    I like your idealism, Don

      • Don Bay on March 21, 2017 at 06:52

      As I said to Jim, it isn’t working now and it’s difficult, but peace is never easy. The two-state solution was never a good idea regardless of what its supporters said. The hatred isn’t going to go away simply because there are two states. With Israel’s expansion into Palestinian territory, we can now see the stake through the heart of the two-state solution. The U.S. just hasn’t noticed it yet. A single state with both Jews and Palestinians fully equal and with equal rights is the only logical solution.

      You are right about the divide over how the Palestinians are being treated by the Israeli government. Anybody who looks at the reality of Israeli apartheid can’t fail to see why the hatred between the two sides grows and festers. Despite the difficulty of reaching peace, a single state as urged in the piece is the only logical way to go. My idealism is alive and well.

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