Jan 15

A Simple Reading Assignment

In Brief—A change from the usual approach to religion to one from an easy-to-read scientific point-of-view. It does require reading and looking at colorful illustrations, but it’s guaranteed to be painless and rewarding. And see the end of this piece when I introduce a new feature.

Simple Basic Facts of Reality—

dawkins-bookThis illustrated book of clear and simple-to-understand facts about Earth, nature and the universe is easy to read in just one or two days and replaces human myths with beautiful reality. It’s a detective story that’s filled with thought experiments that will engage you and light up the synapses in your brain.

The book is “The Magic of Reality” by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, and the illustrator is the famous and multi-talented Dave McKean whose drawings make clear the words written by scientist Dawkins.

Whoa! Lest you allow the author’s name to turn you off without reading what he has written suggests that erroneous preconceived notions lurk in your subconscious to poison your always inquisitive brain. Dawkins writes a charming book and McKean’s lovely images will doubtless win another prize. If I can be charmed, surely you will be too.

Not everybody has an e-reader like a Kindle, but if that is the case, check the book out at the local library or, heaven forfend, buy it as I did. Your local bookstore has it and Amazon offers it at low prices, but by all means, get one that has the colorful explanatory illustrations and pictures. The whole package is definitely worth the price of admission.

The Book’s Contents—

The book has twelve chapters starting with “What is Reality? What is Magic?” through chapters such as “Why are there so many different kinds of animals?” and “What is the sun? to “Are we alone?” and the concluding “What is a miracle?” Each chapter dazzles the reader with information and captures the imagination. You’ll feel like a kid opening anticipated presents on a special occasion.

This is a book that’s not to be missed. Do yourself a favor, get it and read it. You’ll be happy you did.

A New Feature: The Weekly Sampler.

  • Starting this week, you’ll find The Weekly Sampler. Go to the Archives on the right side of the page and click on the month and year of that week’s featured sampler.  Each piece for the chosen month will provide a thumbnail of the piece. The early pieces simply start with the first paragraph, but in later months the pieces settle into a rhythm of about four or five pieces per month. Then pictures started appearing after In Brief appeared at the top. The blog evolved!
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  • It’s up to you whether you reading all the pieces in the chosen month at one time or drag them out over the week. You have a week so don’t feel rushed. Next week will be a new Weekly Sampler. Subject matter will vary: Personal, Political, Religious, Animals, Books, whatever. Each piece is different, but you will know where I stand.
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  • See how my thinking and the blog evolved.
  • And I won’t be angry if you tell two people that my blog is well worth reading. It’s almost as good as sex (Okay, so I exaggerate a bit). So much for the promotion.

Tune in today and every week to The Weekly Sampler. Enjoy!

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