May 2016 archive

May 29

Chronicle from the Old Folks’ Home—Part 7

In Brief—Not every day is the same. Some days are a little different. The author discusses some of those “different” days. Over the Wall— A death occurred in this department recently. The escapee was a sturdy ninety-two-year-old man who sat silently at the table in the day room a few days before he escaped the …

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May 22

Mass Murder: Norway versus America

In Brief—A comparative look at how Norway and America treat felons convicted of murder. The case of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik reveals the gap between the two countries. Violence That Shocked a Nation— Eight people were instantly killed in Oslo by the violent blast of a bomb. Sixty-nine people on Utøya island, mostly vacationing …

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May 15

Sex and Platonic Friendship

In Brief—An exploration of whether a sexual relationship can survive and be transformed into a lasting non-sexual relationship. Sex or Friendship?— “Oh, God, I’m coming!” sounds like something a religious fundamentalist might shout as death approaches. Actually, it is something gasped in passion as sexual orgasm approaches. By the way, sexual orgasm is sometimes referred …

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May 08

Short Story in the Wee Small Hours

In Brief—The author’s dream fades into that place between sleep and wakefulness. A story grows in that creative space. To Sleep, Perchance to Dream— I dream of a writing assignment. The dream segues into that space where creativity lives… A Story Creeps In— It’s another skillet hot day as the black BMW speeds down the …

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May 01

The Beauty of Friendship

In Brief—Though marriage can be warm and lasting, we too often tend to consider friendship as less. It, too, can be rewarding. Friendships outside of marriage are equally as important. More than that, friendships can extend a person’s life. Friendship Links Two Hearts— “S/he’s just a friend” is one of the most used and abused …

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