Apr 10

Revisiting “The Many Flaws of Islam”

In Brief—Frequent reader visits to the blog piece “The Many Flaws of Islam” shows that Islam requires further examination and explanation.


All Religion is Illogical—

As stated by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg, “With or without [religion] you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

small Islamic symbolIt is critical to understand that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are people who simply want to worship Allah, live in peace and raise their families without wanting to kill others in the name of their deity.

Unfortunately, a relative few Islamic extremist jihadists want to kill others in their fanatical delusion that the slaughter of innocents will advance their political goal of ultimately taking over the world. Put clearly, they want to force their religion down the throats of everybody else. The outrages in Brussels, Paris and Lahore as well as other murders too numerous to list illustrate the hatred consuming the extremists.

Who are these corrupters of Islam and what is the source of their belief? ISIS, al Queda, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and the Taliban are the best-known of the violent jihadist organizations. Most subscribe to the extremist ultraconservative beliefs of Wahhabism supported by Saudi Arabia as a means to maintain Saudi royal power. It’s a bargain with the devil.

It should be noted that the term “jihad” can generally be interpreted in two ways: the inner spiritual struggle and the outward violent opposition to the enemies of Islam. Both can be found in the Quran and the Hadiths which, as I’ve stated before, were oral interpretations of the words of Muhammad and not reflective of reality.

The Many Flaws of Islam—

But I digress. The purpose of this piece is to examine Islam from the perspective of the Twenty-first century instead of from the Seventh century.

All religions, including Judaism and Christianity as well as Islam, are based on the delusional belief that a deity exists and too often that their holy books are the words of their deity. All holy books have been written by credulous men, have been added to and subtracted from and have been used by believers to reflect old myths, the beliefs of the writers and the self-serving views of proponents. Islam is no different. And always—always—their deity is capricious, murderous, inconsistent and all-too-human.

Through the ages, numerous Muslim critics of Islam have justly criticized the religion, often at the cost of their lives. Many have been forced to flee to avoid the wrath of adherents. Even former Muslims like the writer Salman Rushdie are threatened by zealots who believe he must die for having blasphemed Muhammad and Islam. The fatwa against Rushdie has recently been renewed. Hatred has again raised its ugly head.

Islamic extremists murder others in the belief that the religion must remain pure to their particular version and by threatening, invading and murdering all who dare to question Islam, the Quran and Muhammad.

Female subjection, theocratic governments, unjust punishments and curtailed rights are just the tip of the iceberg that is Islam. Among its many flaws, this religion seeks to prevent its adherents from even considering the freedoms that much of the rest of the world enjoys.

In the Islamic male-centric religion, adult females are, at a minimum, required to cover their hair and are often forced in puberty to submit to genital mutilation. Daughters may be required to marry a man chosen by their parents. In some countries, they cannot get an education or a meaningful job and may not even be permitted to drive. Women may have to get permission from a male member of the household to leave the house. Interfaith marriage is forbidden. Female inheritance rights are limited or absent and legal standing is substantially less. Disregarding the barbaric issue of honor killings, females are essentially slaves without meaningful rights of their own.

Both the Quran and history reveal that Muhammad was at least a murderer and an ordinary man, not the unflawed prophet depicted by believers. Furthermore, according to Islamic scholars, the Quran contains not a word forbidding the depiction of Muhammad. Indeed, the art of that time depicts his image and those of other humans.


We must all use our own brains and not be fooled by the adherents and non-Muslim apologists who tell you that Islam is a religion of peace. Like Judaism, Christianity and other religions, Islam is NOT a religion of peace, but a source of irrational violence. All religions are divisive and deeply flawed. Their deities and their prophets must be subject to rational criticism.

Don’t be a credulous sheep. Familiarize yourself with the whole picture of Islam. Speak out against ALL hatred! Choose peace and rationalism over comfortable delusion.


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  1. I, like the author, have little regard for organized religion….it’s primarily a business. And, while most religions ascribe to the same basic tenants; ‘Love your neighbor’, and such. They all have a dark side….the side that is designed to keep you in line. Fear of, and blind allegiance to, the figure-head is fundamental. Islam is no different really, and millions of followers live peaceful lives with no wish to harm anyone. But Islamic extremists, as we like to call them, have taken Islam and distorted it to something that it is not. Yes, Islam too has a dark side, but I maintain that that aspect of Islam is not what really drives extremism. Here is but one of many articles that attempt to explain how ISIS and groups like it have reshaped Islam to their own benefit…. http://religiondispatches.org/why-it-still-makes-little-sense-to-call-isis-islamic/

      • Don Bay on April 11, 2016 at 09:49

      I not only “have little regard for organized religion,” I think all religious practice and belief is harmful in that it prevents humans from standing on their own two feet, instead relying on a supernatural being to take care of them. At a bare minimum (and I mean “bare minimum”), religion is anti-science and divisive.

      The link you enclosed is horrifying in attempting to use specious claims that are not backed up with reliable evidence in order to justify extremist actions. The author too often relies on “they do it, too, only worse” to show that religious/political extremes are sometimes justifiable. They are never justifiable. A return to the so-called 7th century “purity” of a flawless Muhammad is nonsense on its face. Thanks for including it.

  2. I agree with much of this. Some points:

    1 – The West created much of Islamic hatred by it’s own behaviour. If we didn’t try to bomb them into dust, including women and children, their would be much less hatred of the West. Did the invasion of Iraq have any effect on Muslim attitudes? Did the Crusades do the same? You bet.

    2 – I quote from your piece “Female subjection, theocratic governments, unjust punishments and curtailed rights.” Do right wing Christians do the same? You bet.

      • Don Bay on April 11, 2016 at 10:12

      There is no doubt whatever that the counterproductive violent actions of the West create enemies and more hatred of the West. Put the shoe on the other foot: Would you love and respect another country that killed your family and destroyed your society?

      I repeatedly point out that Christianity and Judaism are as guilty of violence as Islam. It’s in their holy books. Though not mentioned by name, ALL religions engage in violence. Religion is the bane of humanity. The first paragraph of the piece hits the target.

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