Oct 04

Republican Policies Are Dangerous for Health

In Brief—Witless and misinformed Republicans are targeting not only the innocent Planned Parenthood, they are also targeting and forcing the cancellation of fetal tissue research that’s essential in the fight against devastating diseases.


Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face—

Deliberately and falsely maligning the Planned Parenthood organization combined with ignorant and pandering Republican politicians is now harming the health of Americans.

I am aware that some of my readers may be Republicans and that they might think that I am simply opposed to the Republican Party. While I believe that Republican policies and actions are harming America, I can’t believe that all Republicans support the fraudulent campaign against Planned Parenthood and cutting essential fetal research that is providing improved health for all Americans.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

The Editorial Board of the New York Times has recently labeled the attacks on Planned Parenthood as “scurrilous”—and they certainly are scurrilous—but the editorial goes on to point out how utterly counterproductive the Republican opposition to fetal tissue research is. The Editorial Board has once again pointed out the lies of the Republicans in their “scurrilous” attacks on Planned Parenthood and poor women throughout America. Please take time to CLICK on the highlighted areas to read the very important facts on the damage being done to vital research using fetal tissue and to women everywhere.

Republican or not, I urge all readers to oppose any Republican efforts to limit or end vital fetal tissue research that provides essential health benefits to Americans today and in the future. You or someone you know, perhaps a relative or friend, depends on such research. Keep it going. Use your brain and your moral center to support America’s health regardless of your views on other issues.

As you may know from reading my recent pieces on the attacks on Planned Parenthood, the core of opposition to abortion is based on flawed—deliberately or through ignorance—scientific and medical facts. I recommend you take a look at the facts presented.

Some folks who have left their brains at the door may not want to accept the evidence, but the simple fact is that the nonsense presented by the anti-abortion proponents is dangerous wishful thinking that doesn’t comport with reality.

What’s more, the abortion opponents are shortsighted in utterly failing to recognize the negative impact of their campaign on the overall economy, health and welfare of the nation. Though moral views vary, accepting falsehoods is approving dishonesty, deceit and fraud. Accepting falsehoods is simply immoral. That cannot be emphasized enough: The path being followed by the anti-abortion movement is immoral.

Stand With Morality—

Both the dishonest and destructive pillorying of Planned Parenthood and the cutting of essential research using fetal tissue that would otherwise be discarded is morally wrong. Insist on honesty and high integrity. Stand with honesty and improving the health of America.


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  1. So here’s the thing. Republicans and other abortion opponents say that abortion is taking a life. They say we must let the baby be born. Into what? Most or many abortions are done because the mother has become pregnant without her consent, or by a man who will not support the child, or into poverty or cruelty or other circumstances she can’t control. She knows that the child will not have a decent chance at life, and that she will suffer from her circumstances as well.

    So we force her to bear the child, who arrives into the poverty or cruelty of the mother’s circumstance. Then the Republicans say that we must lower taxes for the rich only. They say that social supports must be eliminated or reduced. They say that the poor are poor through their own fault. They castigate that mother for being poor or without other means to properly support that child.

    They force the child to be born, then destroy it gradually over it’s life by their destruction of social support systems.

    Let’s see if I understand this. Let’s have a baby so we can torture it and it’s mother over many years instead of letting that mother make a rational choice not to bring that baby into this torture.

    What am I missing here?

      • Don Bay on October 5, 2015 at 16:03

      You’re not missing a thing. You outlined the Republican/conservative point-of-view perfectly. You presented the truth in fewer words than anyone has done. Fingers crossed that the electorate sees this flim-flam for what it is and turns these people out of office at the next election. Let’s put America on the high road to the 21st Century instead of the path downward to Second World status.

  2. I watched as much of the Planned Parenthood hearings as possible………..I was stunned at the grossly unfair approach taken by the Republican panel members. The questions were political in nature and ridiculous.
    Watch the video here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/house-planned-parenthood-hearing_560ad858e4b0af3706de1f2a

      • Don Bay on October 5, 2015 at 15:51

      “Unfair” is an understatement. As I understand from reading about the hearings, they were a platform for partisan bloviation, and Ms. Richards of Planned Parenthood was rarely able to finish a reply without being talked over by the puffed-up panel members.

      Thanks for the link, but I’m afraid I’d have to stifle my gag reflex listening to the panel members partisan grandstanding. They managed to raise falsity to a fine art. Such is their ignorant desire to malign Planned Parenthood that they resort to immorality. And that’s what this campaign is: immoral.

    • Donna on October 5, 2015 at 03:58

    These falsehoods rank right up there with “vaccines cause autism” myth. Both falsehoods (regarding Planned Parenthood and fetal research and the vaccine/autism connection) have caused many deaths and a sharp decline in health in the US.

      • Don Bay on October 5, 2015 at 15:39

      Falsehoods are a staple in politics, particularly in the Republican Party. The huge problem with the falsehoods that are the core of this blog piece—against Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research—is that they strike at the heart of American health. If any of the clowns who fancy themselves capable of sitting in the Oval Office manage to get elected, it’s Katy bar the door. Only a duped and ignorant electorate can put one of these clowns in the Oval Office. If that happens, then watch America sink to Second World status.

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