Sep 20

Racism, Sexism and Fundamentalist Christianity

In Brief—This piece pulls back the curtain to reveal the ugly motivation driving Republican efforts to obstruct the Obama administration, undermine women and defund an organization that serves not just women but the community at large. It reveals the larger Republican agenda.


The Truth Hurts—

A black president, the war on women and whining fundamentalist Christians make a toxic mix for America.

America’s first black president was elected in 2008 and reelected for a second term in 2012. Since Barack Obama entered the Oval Office, the Republicans have opposed nearly everything that President Obama has sought to do to advance America into the 21st Century. If he came out in favor of apple pie and mom, the Republicans would come up with a reason to oppose him. Looks strange, doesn’t it?

We love OOver heated objections from the Republican Party, the Affordable Care Act, “ObamaCare,” was passed and was later approved—by a hair—by the Supreme Court. Despite this, The House of Representatives has voted fifty-six times to repeal “ObamaCare” and lost every time. Looks strange, doesn’t it?

Republicans have waged a war against women, seeking to make it as difficult as possible for women to obtain a constitutionally-protected abortion, closed women’s health clinics, opposed a living wage that would particularly impact females of color and struggling white females. As if that weren’t bad enough, they have pandered to and enlisted the support of fundamentalist Christians in their campaign. Looks strange, doesn’t it?

PP buttonLouisiana is an example of how this toxic mix plays out…and how it reveals the meanness and irrationality of the Republican Party. In the New York Times, journalist Jackie Calmes has turned the spotlight on Louisiana’s stupidity as it seeks to defund Planned Parenthood, claiming it wants to stop the organization from carrying out abortions, a mere 3% of the essential health care provided by Planned Parenthood. Aside from the anti-female Republican agenda, they ignore the numerous ways Planned Parenthood saves the state money by providing the health care it does. I strongly suggest that you read my blog piece titled “Republican Sexual Abuse and Lies” posted last week.

The Toxic Mix Revealed—

Notice the links between President Obama, the Republican war on women and racism that expose the ugliness of the party’s agenda.

Barack Obama is the first black man to sit in the Oval Office. Do you really believe that the wall-to-wall opposition he has faced since the beginning is purely political? It is racist, whether conscious or subconscious. An individual doesn’t have to be wearing a white sheet and a conical hood to be a racist. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a Republican duck.

The Republicans have futilely voted fifty-six times to repeal “ObamaCare.” Count ‘em, fifty-six times! They appear to have finally gotten the message, and rather than beat their heads against that wall, they have decided to change tactics and come at it from another angle: the war on women angle.

Notice how their target is not just the Planned Parenthood organization, but the organization’s constituency just happens to be women of color and those of limited means who often rely on Medicaid. And where have the Republicans refused to provide Medicaid coverage to the citizens? The red states like Louisiana.

Now here is where the fundamentalist Christians enter the picture. Those misguided folks attack Planned Parenthood because it provides constitutionally-protected abortions AND, it needs to be said, also essential health care. The fundamentalist Christians tell outrageous unscientific lies to accomplish this goal.

The Republicans and the fawning clowns now running for president not only spout irrationality, but they happily embrace the nonsense to accomplish their real goal: Bring down “ObamaCare,” deny President Obama’s legacy, attack people of color as well as women in general and defund Planned Parenthood.

Racism, sexism and fundamentalist Christianity are the centerpieces of the ugly Republican agenda.


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  1. Well, I think you said it all. Racist, misogynist, elitist, intolerance, meanness of spirit. Quacks like a Republican.

      • Don Bay on September 21, 2015 at 10:47

      The Republican Party exists in another universe than the majority of the nation’s citizens. It no longer believes in a philosophy of moderation, but thrives on radical opposition for the sake of racism so obvious that even the most apolitical person—such as myself—is appalled at how dangerous they have become to the nation.

      What mystifies me is that too many voters are drawn into their orbit because they seem not to understand just how dangerous Republican policies are. Let us all hope that Americans wake up from this nightmare and get on with acting in the best interests of ALL the nation’s citizens.

    • Donna on September 21, 2015 at 05:10

    couldn’t say it any better than you and Jim

      • Don Bay on September 21, 2015 at 11:11

      Like it or not, the world is moving at a much faster pace than most realize. America now must act like a grown-up and recognize that it can no longer shape the planet the way Republican Party’s politicians and supporters seem to think. Not only must America provide for the health and welfare of all its citizens regardless of color, sex or financial status, but it must negotiate instead of warring on others with whom it disagrees.

      The Republican Party opposes bettering all the nation’s citizens and wants to kill those “others” who don’t march to America’s tune. That’s why I genuinely believe the Republican Party is dangerous for America. America’s arrogance regardless of party affiliation is a danger to the world, but the Republican Party is dangerous to both the world and to the nation’s own citizens. Fingers crossed that the voters wake up and realize this before it is too late.

  2. We live in Colorado Springs….arguably the center of conservative thinking and Right-wing religion. I often feel like as though I’m a ship-wrecked sailor on an island inhabited by rabid monkeys.

    We do have wonderful social friends though. Keen, sharp, educated, smart people. But God help you as a liberal if the conversation turns to politics. Foam begins to appear in the corners of the mouths of otherwise rational intelligent humans. We simply do our best to steer well clear of religion and any talk of current political events. We find ourselves constantly assessing the views of others so as to discern whether they are with us or against us politically before getting anywhere near a current events discussion.
    I’m flabbergasted when I hear some of the rhetoric. How can these smart folks hold such ridiculous narrow views. Can they not see the bigoted harmful results if their Right-wing ideas should they be enacted?

    Liberal ideas tend to win out in the end, and I choose to hold on to that fact as my only solace as a resident of the conservative rabid monkey island. If it were not for the beauty and grandeur of the location I’m not sure I could deal with the local mindset.
    So, we live our lives as fully as possible, holding to our ideals silently. It is, however, a treat when we meet other like-minded folks and we can share a laugh at the expense of the likes of Donald Trump and the other passengers in the clown car.

      • Don Bay on September 22, 2015 at 09:56

      My heart goes out to you. There’s no accounting for the illogical positions these folk hold other than it’s easier to pull the lever for Republicanism than it is to think through the results of such policies. Research has shown that once a mind is made up, most humans cling to that mind-set as if their lives depend on it even in the face of being shown that their position is illogical. “How dare you suggest I am not rational!” And these folks vote.

      To change the subject slightly, a reader has gently told me privately that my labeling myself as “apolitical” [see my response to Jim.] is inappropriate since I am clearly the most political person to come down the pike. I labeled myself as “apolitical” since I thought “non-partisan” implied Republican and Democrat, and I’m neither although I truly believe that Republican policies are little short of crazy and truly dangerous in the bargain. Is there a better word to call a person who thinks all politics can be deceptive and certainly manipulative?

      In this blog piece, I genuinely believe that the Republicans are way off the reservation. More is to come. That said, I sympathize with your position. Try looking at this way: Your right-wing circle is giving you the gift of insight into how the brain can work. Or you can simply scratch your head in dismay. Were they to know your position, they think you are deluded. Sigh.

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