May 03

Are Christians Worshipping Satan?

In Brief—Logic dictates that what you believe about a supreme being may not be what you want it to be. Look at it logically and see if what you believe makes sense.


The Bible Says It’s So—

I have long wondered at the discrepancy between what the Judeo-Christian Bible says and the reality of life here in this vale of tears. The same goes for other religions as well.

The Bible and the Torah (the Old Testament) tell us in Isaiah and in the book of Revelation that God cast out Satan (sometimes referred to as Lucifer, the giver of light) for opposing him. Satan is reported in the Judeo-Christian Bible to have been the source of all evil and condemned to rule in Hell, the pit of eternal suffering and fire. That is what all Christians and adherents to Judaism have been taught. That is what I was taught before I made my way to the light.

Given my logical mind, here are some assumptions from which I will proceed. As I understand it, these are the beliefs of all Christians. I won’t make any assumptions on the beliefs of adherents to Judaism because I am not thoroughly familiar with their belief system, but I have to wonder about similar references in Isaiah.

Operative Assumptions—

  •  God is good.
  •  God is all-powerful (omnipotent).
  •  God is all-seeing (omniscient).
  •  Satan is the source of all evil. He is considered to have been the leader of the rebellious angels.
  •  The battle between God, including the good Archangel Gabriel, and the rebellious angels took place in heaven. God’s side won.
  •  Hell (the Underworld) is below heaven and presumably underground.
  •  Life on Earth is as we experience it in our lives.
  •  Christians believe in and worship God.

Those are the basic assumptions from which I will work.

A look around shows Earth to be afflicted with assorted…shall we say “unpleasantries.” Put bluntly, there is more than enough awful stuff going on: disagreement, suffering, disease, natural disasters, armed conflict, torture, death. Oh, and some good stuff mixed in with the bad, too.

Christians who believe in their god tell us that their god is good, that he created everything in the universe, that he knows our innermost thoughts and even that he is aware of the smallest of creatures. They worship this god and pray for him to smile on their most trivial wishes and their grandest hopes.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. Those folks who worship this god overlook the logical flaw inherent in their belief: if that god were good then there would be no evil, no bad stuff; if he were omnipotent, he could prevent all that bad stuff; if he were omniscient, he would know it’s going on. Is it all a test? If so, he knows the answers. Still, the bad stuff keeps happening.

Didn’t this god create all those angels? If he didn’t create them, then which supreme being did? Obviously, those rebellious angels were imperfect and came from somewhere.

Isn’t it logical, therefore, that the god they believe they are worshipping lost the battle and Satan took over? Satan, the source of all evil, is in control and is capriciously afflicting all these horrible problems on the creatures wandering the face of Earth.

And those Christian (Jewish and Islamic) believers worship this god in a variety of ways. Could it be that they are worshiping Satan? It makes more sense than believing their god bestows only good stuff.

This is not to suggest that those who don’t believe in a god must therefore be good. All humans are flawed. Some believers are good, moral creatures while others are decidedly not. Same with those who don’t believe. Logic tells us that humans created their gods, not the other way around.

If you’re a believer, then you believe that your god gave you a brain. Use it. Think about it logically.


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  1. The Bible and Grimm’s Fairy Tales….NO indifference.
    Both are collections of stories mostly designed as morel lessons. The Bible is hardly a book sent down from Heaven by God. Written over many centuries, it’s stories are simply lessons and attempts to provide answers to those who require them in order to justify their own actions or existence. By the way, there is no single “Bible”. Different versions and arrangements exist amongst different religious groups. This fact, on it’s own, argues against ‘THE BIBLE’ as having been authored or inspired by a divine being.

    It never ceases to amaze me that when Johnny is hit and killed by a speeding car, his parents say, “It’s God will”. If he lives…..”It’s Gods will”. This God guy seems to get a free pass no matter what.

    Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth, right now! You get to pick the one you live in for the most part, but often you can be thrust into one or the other by mere chance. And, if thrust into ‘Hell’….praying to ‘God’ will not save you. Praying may make you feel better, but if you’re unfortunate situation takes a turn for the better…’s a result of CHANCE not intervention by a bearded guy sitting on a cloud.

    The early versions of the Grimm Brother’s children’s stories were very dark and scary and designed to make children straighten up and do right or understand the world as it really is, or was perceived according to the beliefs of the time.

    The World is a scary place. More so for some than for others (again…Chance). If it makes you feel better during times of misfortune or stress, pray to whoever offers the most promise in your view. For some that’s the God of the Bible. But, I say, pray to Nature. You stand a better chance of being heard.

      • Don Bay on May 4, 2015 at 17:22

      Today’s Bible was written by credulous men at least two thousand years ago. These guys actually believed what they wrote and were trying to influence others into believing in the deity they had come to believe in. Think of it as theological propaganda. Despite the fact that some believers assume that the one deity just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, earlier religions influenced the emergence of the Abrahamic religions. We must not assume with 20-20 hindsight that these were intended to be moral lessons; they were the actual beliefs of the men who put them together.

      As you point out, today’s Bible is the product of largely ecclesiastical political pressure, changes in emphasis, faulty translations and more. It was written over great swaths of time by different men and contains numerous mistakes. It’s a compendium of boring baloney, occasional beauty and snippets of questionable history. After all we are fallible human beings.

      Your prescription hits the target: heaven and hell are what we have all around us. Make it as good as you can, but don’t expect miracles.

    • Art Ulene on May 4, 2015 at 01:09

    Don…. Your title is “The Bible says it’s so”….. BUT…. at a recent session I attended on the subject of “Why does God allow so much evil”, a noted clergyman challenged everyone in the audience (which included many clergy) to name one place in the Bible where it says that God is either omniscient or omnipotent. He claims that there is no such reference ANYWHERE in the bible… and that such claims are the invention of man. If he is correct, then you will have to re-examine your assumptions about God and Satan. Just to be perfectly clear: I know nothing about this subject…. and care even less. But, as a good (and very religious) friend of mine would say, “Bless you for raising the issue.”

      • Don Bay on May 4, 2015 at 18:37

      The clergyman referenced somehow missed references to omniscience and omnipotence in Isaiah and Chronicles and elsewhere in the Bible. The words “omniscience” and “omnipotence” may not appear in the Bible, but there are numerous references to those powers. In any case, the powers attributed to the deity are irrelevant to my piece which is about Christian worship of a deity that permits an abundance of bad stuff in our world.

      “The Bible says it’s so…” is a phrase in the familiar Christian hymn and was intended to apply to the battle between God and Satan in heaven. God is purported to have won, but if so, then why do Earth’s creatures have to deal with such an abundance of bad stuff? The logical conclusion is that Satan won and is afflicting Earth with all the evils that we experience. Epicurus was right. See my piece written in September of 2013.

      I suggest the referenced clergyman read john Loftus’ “Why I Became an Atheist” written for Christian understanding. Loftus is a former seminary-trained Christian minister who after several years realized that what he was preaching was simply not credible. Quite a number of former Christian ministers have abandoned the religion and become agnostics or atheists. It is said that there is no better antidote to belief in a deity than a thorough, unbiased understanding of the Bible.

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to expand on my premise. Oh, by the way, the referenced clergyman sounds like he is on the way to disbelief.

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