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In Brief—The author of the blog explains why he writes what he writes. If you disagree with what he has written, he tells you how you can let him know of your disagreement. He will then explain his view in a Comment or a private message.


It’s Not Pessimism, It’s Reality—

“He’s nuttier than a fruitcake.” “Bay needs professional help in ridding himself of all that negativity.” “I don’t recognize what he’s talking about.” “Interesting…I never thought about it.” “It’s his blog to write about anything he wants.” “By god, he’s right!”

These are a possible spectrum of reader reactions to what I write. It occurred to me that some of my readers might be interested in knowing why I write what I do.

One of the Home Service women who feed me through the tube into my stomach asks me periodically if I dozed during the feeding or spent the time thinking. All my impairments are unquestionably a pain in the ass, but one advantage is that I have plenty of time to give thought to my life, what I have read or what I write. The body has betrayed me, but my mind works like a fine watch…sorta…when I’m not dozing.

Repetitive though it may be, my background sheds light on what I’m about. I’m a lawyer and skeptic who by nature has spent much of life studying a wide variety of subjects. I read the news in several world newspapers always keeping in mind Mark Twain’s admonition that although the press regularly misleads, a person must read the news at the risk of being uninformed. I read online political analysis and even stay in touch with the racially biased and too often duplicitous right-wing. I pay attention while others may have other things to do. Above all, beyond my honesty, I am extremely interested in politics, following developments in America and its involvements in the larger world. Read my blog pieces to get a taste of my interests. Read particularly “The Red Pill or the Blue Pill” from March of 2014.

Because each of us is unique, we make judgments based not just on our world views but on more important underlying factors. We have differing genetics and environments, the latter of which change from fetal stage to death. Some of us are white, some are of other races or skin hues, but we all have some degree of racial bias. We are of differing social classes, have money or not, have political views that are usually unexamined, marry well or poorly or not at all, are educated and intellectually developed or not, are of differing sexes and belief systems, labor hard every day or are creatures of leisure, and many other factors. Stuff like that will determine how you view what I write.

As mentioned, I am very focused on the effect of politics on all of us. Like it or not, much of what we do in life is influenced by politics. For example, most vote automatically if at all. What was good enough for one’s family is reason enough to vote for a particular party. Most voters have little or no knowledge of what their representative stands for, voted for or even who may have bought that representative’s vote. Thus, such a person is not an informed voter. Not only that, but one’s political views will determine how that individual perceives what I write and even how she/he perceives me personally. “Who? Me? I am informed. I know all I need to know. Bay is all wet!” Only you know if you’re being honest with yourself. If you are then you are one in a thousand.

Why I Write What I Write—

So why do I write what I do? As suggested, I look beyond and beneath the surface of everyday life. No Facebook or television to distract me. I refuse to blindly believe what I read simply because it is written. As a lawyer and skeptic, I look for evidence supporting or negating what I write, refusing to write anything false or questionable. I am honest with myself and with others not just because it is moral and easier than dishonesty, but dishonesty undermines my credibility. My credibility is essential.

Am I biased? Yes. I believe that unless we all hang together, we will hang separately. Selfish individuality is the enemy of human welfare. American cut-throat capitalism will destroy the planet; capitalism with a compassionate human face may help save it. Ayn Rand selfishness is not only an immature teen-age wet dream, it is destructive. My philosophy is what drives me and what I write.

Some readers will disagree with what I write. That’s fine with me, but for crying out loud let me know in a Comment why you disagree. That way, I can explain why I wrote what I wrote. Alternatively, I recognize that there are some who are either too shy or have another valid reason for not wanting to comment publicly. In that case, as some have done, let me know why you disagree in a private message to don.bay@comhem.se. I will then explain why I wrote what I wrote. No harm, no foul.


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  1. You rail against the machine…..I like that. It’s apparent that the ‘machine’ is growing stronger, gaining more ground on it’s quest to warp government as we know it, oppress the populous in small but destructive steps, and spread a sort of ‘anti-them’ philosophy directed at certain minorities, religions, and races. Unless one pays attention to these assaults, they will slowly win out. Unless you’re a card holding ultra-Right Winger, you’ll wake up one morning asking where did my America go?
    In times past I recognized that Left leaning ideas ultimately won out; Social Security, voting rights, unemployment insurance, food assistance, Medicare, etc. These ideas start out with resistance but soon become essential and widely accepted. Even the most Right leaning individual will fight for his Social Security and Medicare at the same time he might be criticizing the government as being too intrusive.
    The assault on liberal thinking seems to be growing stronger all the time, or at least the resistance seems to be voiced more loudly. I believe that that is directly related to ignorance and a lazy acceptance of the Right Wing media machine which appeals to emotion rather than common sense…. Say it loud enough and repeat it often enough and it becomes true. But it may not be.
    Keep reporting on your skepticism Mr. Bay. Beat the drum often and loudly….that tactic works.

      • Don Bay on January 19, 2015 at 18:21

      As Popeye put it, “I yam what I yam!” The assault on liberal thinking is and always has been about the threat to vested interests, ignorance or fear of trying something new. Some folks don’t want to risk losing their perks. Other folks simply don’t understand the facts. Finally, some folks are afraid it will blow up if you tamper with the way it’s always been. Alas, I look at reality and call it as I see it. Red pill versus blue pill. Readers will think what they want to think, and there’s not a thing I can do about that. That’s reality.

    • Mary Ann Conley on January 18, 2015 at 23:26

    In this blog, you were speaking to me…one of those who always votes but who fails to be as informed as I should be, Your pen and your mind are sharp and directly to the point. I always learn something when I read. Keep on writing and educating.

      • Don Bay on January 19, 2015 at 18:28

      You are to be congratulated, Mary Ann, because you are willing to admit to not investigating the meaning of your vote. You are one in several thousand. Read my response to Dave. It’s the experience I have accumulated and the way I think. In any case, thanks for the kind words.

  2. Don, writing what you write is who you are. You think and you believe and you write it. After knowing you for 65+ years it’s important to me that you and I share these ideas regularly. We don’t always agree, but I think we always share our disagreements as well as what for the most part are our agreements.

    I happen to be reading a lot about American slavery right now. It’s hard to read that what was wrong with slavery almost 150 years ago is becoming more true of American life now. Rich vs. poor, white vs. people of color, politicians bowing to the needs and even whims of the rich and powerful. Often said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” So we talk and we write and when possible some of us march or do other things against these evils. Keep on writin’

      • Don Bay on January 19, 2015 at 18:32

      Thanks, Jim. I’ll keep writing about my view of reality until I can no longer think and tap on the keyboard. Keep doing what you’re doing. The world is a better place for what you are doing.

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