November 2014 archive

Nov 30

Surprise! America’s Racism Wins Again

In Brief—This is an examination of the evidence and facts in the tragic killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury has found insufficient evidence to indict Officer Wilson. Such is justice in America. ——————————————————————————————————————————————- Ferguson: Business as Usual— Racism is politely defined as …

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Nov 23

Cops—Us versus “Them”

In Brief—Few are the days when the news doesn’t report the deaths of suspects, sometimes innocents, at the hands of police. In a nation bulging at the seams from guns, the deaths of humans, whether the shooters are our neighbors or the officers on the beat, demands a solution. Do we have the will to …

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Nov 16

America Needs Compulsory Voting

In Brief—Want a recipe for renewed democracy? Institute Compulsory Voting, dump the outmoded 18th Century artifact called the Electoral College, and institute a Ranked File Voting system. Add some enthusiasm and activism. Shake the rancid status quo and you have a renewed America. —————————————————————————————————————————————- A Way to Overcome American Decline— “Aw, Hell’s Bells, they’ve done …

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Nov 09

“Officer Down!”—Another Fantasy

In Brief— This is a fantasy arising out of the police killing of an unarmed teenager and the subsequent retaliatory wounding of a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Based on events that have happened and could happen in the future, this fantasy has all the elements of the complex world in which we live today. …

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Nov 02

From Bad to Worse…and Back

In Brief—A lump in a woman’s breast is about to change her life when, without warning, she watches helplessly as her favorite dog dies. A worry about her own health is suddenly complicated by an unexpected loss. Life is threatened by the entanglement of physical and emotional turmoil. —————————————————————————————————————————————-  A Life Goes Topsy-Turvy— Umm-m-m, a …

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