Oct 05

A War Against War!

In Brief—Not only is America’s verbal lexicon suffused with warlike imagery, but more seriously, the nation is in the habit of using war to preserve its imagined role as the world’s policeman. War is not only in American imagery, it is in American blood—literally—while peaceful diplomacy gets ignored. It’s not just a choice between the extremes of War or Surrender, but in the exploration of peaceful alternatives that America and the world will benefit.


Domestic Slogans and Bloody War—

Maybe George Carlin was on to something…in fact, several somethings. Love him or hate him, if you ignore the profanity, Carlin makes you think. One of his routines points out the fact that America is a warlike nation.

HOLD IT! Some of my readers are now muttering that Bay is anti-American. Wrong! As I’ve said many times before, if I didn’t care about my country, I would stand by and let it go to Hell in a handbasket. I want to see America live up to its potential, and it has so much potential going for it.

In the larger picture, it is appropriate to say that humanity is as warlike, capricious and murderous as the supreme being who allegedly created mankind in his own image. Read Genesis. Greeks versus Persians. Romans versus Carthaginians. Christians versus Moslems. Tutsis versus Hutus. Sunnis versus Shi’ites. Catholics versus Protestants. Japanese versus Chinese. Israel versus Palestinians. America versus Iraq. Rivers of blood and tears have been shed.

Warlike Verbal Imagery—

America approaches everything in terms of war: The War Against Drugs. The War On Poverty. The War Against Cancer. The War Against A.I.D.S. The War Against Women. The War Against Christmas. War. War. War. While we’re about it, how about a War Against War?

America has clearly lost the War Against Drugs. It has cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and all America has to show for it is the world’s largest prison population too often made up of relatively low-level drug offenders with a darker shade of skin. Marijuana, once again recognized as having great medicinal value and accepted by medical professionals in an increasing number of states, remains a Schedule I drug along with heroin and cocaine and a variety of addictive drugs…but you can buy booze and cigarettes at the Quicky-Mart down the street. If you want to know more about how foolish and expensive this is, read my September 2013 piece on marijuana.

The War On Poverty. Here’s another one America has clearly lost. The most recent figures show that poverty is widespread in America thanks to the ignorance and political obstructionism of the Republican Party along with a few gutless Democrats. The cutting of food stamp aid and increased underemployment reveal the cancerous poverty of compassion and truth that Ayn Rand’s disciples wield like an axe.

The War on Women is being waged daily by the Republican Party. Don’t believe me? Read the news and take a look at the Republican Party platform. Republican-dominated states as well as the men (and it’s mostly men) in congress are making a concerted effort to deny females the right to determine their own reproductive health. Their attitude is “Let those women walk three paces to the rear and carry the luggage.” Why American females are standing still for this, I just can’t comprehend.

We are sorta-kinda winning the War on Cancer and A.I.D.S except that the Republicans (aided by a few gutless Democrats) are insisting on cutting back the financing for government health research and programs in the interest of depriving President Obama of any progress. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary for over five years, they still mistakenly believe that America is going to be struck any day with runaway inflation and fiscal collapse. Somehow, they have managed to overlook the soup kitchens that are drawing record crowds. Cancer and A.I.D.S. patients are left pleading for the necessary funding to continue their treatments.

By now, we all know that the War Against Christmas is a myth propagated by fundamentalist Christians so they can whine about how they are mistreated by the rest of the country even as the Supreme Court conservatives have developed supple spines kissing their hyper-religious hems.

It’s Time for a War Against War—

As I write this, America is bombing the military equipment we gave the Iraqi Army that fled from ISIS leaving that armament behind in their haste to flee. As is too often the case, America, under the guidance of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their ilk dumped the very ones who are now leading ISIS. Why? Because they served in Saddam Hussein’s army.

Now, America’s leaders, defying common sense, are helping the bloody Syrian dictator Assad, by arming the rebels opposing him in order to fight ISIS which happens to be America’s creation just as Osama bin Laden was America’s creation when Russia was in Afghanistan. Strange how the situation changes when the screaming from America’s hawks, in government and on Main Street, gets loud enough. War, not quiet negotiation with other threatened nations, is always the choice. In case you didn’t notice, the Republicans and a few Democrats want us to go to war with Iran with whom America is having successful negotiations and is the natural enemy of ISIS.

Wait a minute…weren’t some of those Syrian rebels now part of ISIS? How are the good guys to be separated from the bad guys that are willing to take American weapons and join ISIS? And is ISIS an existential threat to America? Numerous knowledgeable people say “No,” but it seems America never learns that diplomacy with other regional nations might work instead of the reflexive military solution. Enlist other regional nations rather than sending America’s men and women to suffer and die in a morass America created. And the beat goes on.

Will America ever learn that war is not the answer? All the evidence so far is that Americans are indeed a warlike people. How about a War against War? America can win that one if it’s only willing to try.


  1. I sometimes wish I could return to my indifferent youthful past and pay no attention to the crooked politics and injustices of my country. The educational system of the 50’s and 60’s convinced me that I lived in the greatest and fairest land of opportunity that the world had ever known. Ra Ra America! The country that gives everyone an even chance to excel and prosper. The sole country that allows you the chance to live and worship as you please, unencumbered by government intervention. Not so much, it turns out.
    The more I endeavor to be informed and the more I try to discover what’s really going on around me, the more I’m disappointed in my country and it’s policies, tactics, and most of all., it’s underhanded dealings with other countries and governments. The fact that this country often hides it’s real agendas behind righteous ventures such as the Gulf Wars is painful to watch. Wasted lives, devastated countries and infrastructures in the name of promoting democracy is becoming easier and easier to see through.
    But this is nothing new. Our government has a history of deception and wrong doing stretching back to our earliest days…..the way we treated the native peoples alone is a is a disgrace and it’s result is evident even today as the remnants of those cultures live in abject poverty secluded in out-of-the-way places mostly out of our sight.
    An examination of recent history reveals government deceptions too numerous to mention. Here’s one from the not-too-distant past that I thought I understood until I watched this documentary…. http://www.veoh.com/watch/v20946070MKKS8mr2 . The events chronicled here will be argued for years, but just focus on the governments view and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Nothing has changed. The same motivations are alive today in our countries current war culture.

    I don’t know if this country can every redeem itself and return to the true principles that founded it. Without a majority of citizens standing up for honest and fair government, I doubt it can. But maybe it’s the way things are supposed to go…. Born of noble ideas, formed over time to shine, then altered by the corrupt and self-serving, and with it’s foundation damaged…..collapsing under it’s own weight.

    • Art Ulene on October 6, 2014 at 06:45

    Don…. You must check out the following site: http://www.uspeacememorial.org/

    This organization was started by a friend…. Michael Knox…. dedicated entirely to promoting peace as an alternative to war….. If I had closed my eyes and someone had read your essay to me, I would have sworn that Michael had written it. We send out love…….. Art

      • Don Bay on October 6, 2014 at 09:51

      Until the Vietnam War, I believed that sometimes war was needed. That war changed me. Even today, some fifty or more years later, the Vietnam slaughter that claimed so many lives on both sides is still claiming lives and causing suffering from mines to Agent Orange. This has to stop! It doesn’t have to be a choice between war and surrender. Negotiation, though tough and sometimes challenging, can result in countless saved lives and treasure. Talking can prevent untold misery. War is not the answer.

      Mr. Knox and many others, humanitarians all, are part of a growing movement. From you and from all of us, I ask my readers to join the movement. Don’t allow yourselves to be misled by politicians and the media. Let peace and compassion fill your hearts and minds. War is not the answer.

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