October 2014 archive

Oct 26

You Vote for the Government You Want

In Brief—In a recent blog, “Vote, for Crying Out Loud, Vote!,” you were urged to vote and told how to go about it. Now the election is just days away and the vote you cast—if you are allowed to vote—will determine whether you get more or less repression, more or fewer restrictions on voting, more …

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Oct 19

Frozen in Time—Then and Now

In Brief—This extension of last week’s The Mirror Doesn’t Lie is a reflection on the past and how we preserve the images in memory and on film. ——————————————————————————– Brain and Camera as Time Machine— The old man shuffles through the pottery studio, pausing now and then to look around, at a wheel, a glazing bucket. …

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Oct 12

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

In Brief—A reminiscence on the years too rapidly gone and the reality of looking in the mirror and seeing an old person looking back. Maturity sneaks up on all of us. ——————————————————————————– Memory and Maturity— Narcissus, a handsome and overly proud youth, offended the Olympian god Nemesis because of his excessive pride in his looks, …

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Oct 05

A War Against War!

In Brief—Not only is America’s verbal lexicon suffused with warlike imagery, but more seriously, the nation is in the habit of using war to preserve its imagined role as the world’s policeman. War is not only in American imagery, it is in American blood—literally—while peaceful diplomacy gets ignored. It’s not just a choice between the …

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