September 2014 archive

Sep 28

Quality of Life

In Brief—What is the meaning of “quality of life?” Is it determined by the focus of the medical profession’s attempt to keep an elderly person alive as long as there is hope or is it up to the individual, regardless of age, to determine when his/her life is no longer worth living? Those uncomfortable questions …

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Sep 21

The Destructive Dead-End of “I’m Afraid…”

In Brief—We are permitting unreasoning fear and cynical political calculation to corrode the soul of America and cementing in place our basest instincts instead of casting those negatives aside and following a path that will lead to a brighter future. Only we have the power to change course if we will inform ourselves and vote …

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Sep 14

VOTE, for Crying Out Loud, VOTE!

In Brief—Voting is one of the most important constitutional rights that exist. By voting, you will be helping democracy survive and grow. In this piece you are advised on how to go about exercising that right. Read it carefully, then VOTE, for crying out loud, VOTE! ———————————————————————————————————————————————— A Critical Right— When George W. Bush was …

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Sep 07

Reality: Contraception and Abortion

In Brief—Thanks to the conservative members of the Supreme Court, right-wing politicians and religious zealots, female reproductive health is under attack in the United States. Here are some facts that will allow females to fight back and give them the power to make important decisions over their own bodies. ———————————————————————————————————————————————  Sex 101 and The Attack …

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