Apr 26

The Murder of Pat Tillman (a Late-Breaking Lie)

In Brief—The American military seems to be attempting to patch a hole in their mendacious stories of the death of Pat Tillman when a former soldier says he “may have been” the person who accidentally killed Pat Tillman in 2004. The author of this blog says, “Don’t believe it” and tells why he sees evidence that it’s part of their ongoing lie.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Note to readers: I intended to post a different piece today, but circumstances have led me to postpone that piece for another time in favor of this one. I trust you will understand why when you read what I have to say.

A New Story Appears—

In my piece titled The Murder of Pat Tillman posted on March 28 (see the March Archives), I cited facts that point to the deliberate murder of Cpl. Pat Tillman. For those facts, rather than repeat them here, I recommend that you reread the piece. Simply click on March 2014 in the Archives (on the right side of this blog) or maybe, since that piece is so recent, you can track down this page until you get to The Murder of Pat Tillman.

Between approximately April 18 and 22, 2014, former Ranger Steven Elliott, who currently suffers from assorted mental conditions including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (thanks to the U.S. military), is reported by various news organizations to have stated almost a decade after the fact that it’s possible he fired the shots that killed Tillman. Assuming he is telling the truth as he sees it and is not parroting the lies of his former military commanders, not one of the articles I have read explains how far from Tillman Elliott was when he fired. Nor does it explain the close placement of the wounds (they almost look like one hole in the middle of Tillman’s forehead) even though Elliott admits he was nervous when the shooting took place.

Forensic experts who examined Tillman’s body have determined that rounds from Elliott’s weapon were probably not the ones that killed Tillman. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the doctors who autopsied Tillman said that the facts of the autopsy simply didn’t jibe with the official reports of Tillman’s death. Again, see my original posting referenced above.

According to the forensic experts, the wound(s) in the center of Tillman’s forehead were made by a gun or guns not further than ten (10) yards away. It appears that Elliot and his fellow soldiers were considerably further away than ten yards. Fifty yards? A hundred yards? How far away was Elliott?

Elliott reports that the shooting occurred about sundown or shortly thereafter and that the dim lighting conditions made it difficult to see. Now I don’t know about you, but in my many years of life, It remains light enough outdoors in April to read a newspaper in twilight. Put another way, the dim light story just doesn’t hold up to reality.

I find it interesting that in the three weeks since my posting of The Murder of Pat Tillman, some individual or individuals have repeatedly perused the Tillman piece despite the fact that it drew no comments. During that same period, an unidentfied search engine has spent time over several days and has returned again and again. In fact, both are applicable now (April 25, 4:00 P.M.) as I write this. It’s possible my readers are simply going back and reading the piece. It’s also possible that my site manager is misreporting the visits. Strange coincidence no doubt.

The important element readers should take away fron this latest ”patch” on the Tillman story is that it in no way addresses the facts I set forth in the original posting. It is no more than pure speculation by a reportedly traumatized former Ranger about an incident that took place a decade ago. What’s more, the speculation fails to provide evidence of how far Elliot was from the victim let alone account for Elliott’s claim of nervousness, the lighting conditions or the reports of the examining doctors.

I recommend that my readers compare Elliott’s story with the facts I set forth in my original posting on March 28. An open-minded comparison shows that the speculative ”patch” supplied by Elliott fails to suggest that it is anything other than a curiously delayed story. Put more plainly, don’t accept the Elliott story as anything more than a belated attempt to cover up or muddy an ongoing Pentagon lie. The evidence shows that somebody deliberately murdered Pat Tillman.