April 2014 archive

Apr 26

The Murder of Pat Tillman (a Late-Breaking Lie)

In Brief—The American military seems to be attempting to patch a hole in their mendacious stories of the death of Pat Tillman when a former soldier says he “may have been” the person who accidentally killed Pat Tillman in 2004. The author of this blog says, “Don’t believe it” and tells why he sees evidence …

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Apr 20

The Subtitle and Schrödinger’s Cat

In Brief—The author raises the question of whether this blog’s subtitle is an invitation or a hindrance to debate. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Daughter Kathy, thinker and writer—the person who built this blog for me—has suggested that the DeBaytable blog subtitle, “Are there at least two sides to every issue? Maybe.” implies that I think there is often …

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Apr 12

Thoughts on the Train to New York

In Brief—A recognition that friends reflect the values we hold dear. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– The Train to New York— A good friend who is an accomplished skier, golfer, tennis player, inventor, comedy writer, lecturer and, most importantly, deep thinker is a modern day Leonardo (da Vinci, not diCaprio). He’s as close to a modern polymath as I …

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Apr 07

Five Stars for Barry Eisler

In Brief—A recommendation that you read Barry Eisler’s blog, “the heart of the matter.” If you’re into thrillers, you might also want to read his novels.  “The heart of the matter”— According to information provided to me by the blog manager, few readers bother to read “Worth Checking Out.” It can easily be accessed by …

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Apr 02

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

In Brief—Some readers have sent emails questioning the author’s critical stance on pieces relating to America’s governing policies as well as his piece on Pat Tillman. He replies. Reality or Illusion— The red pill or the blue pill? Which do you choose to take? Which was taken by Don Bay? A number of readers have …

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