Jan 28

Fear is Destroying Democracy

In Brief— An irrational fear of terrorism is being used by the American government to control the minds and actions of the people, the “rabble” that are the lifeblood of democracy. Philosophy Professor Peter Ludlow of Northwestern University points out how the American people are being conditioned to accept the greater danger of authoritarianism while ignoring the loss of our freedoms and the more significant dangers that affect their daily lives.


Corrosive Fear and Its Affects—

FEAR! America is being sucked into the dangerous miasma of perpetual fear of “terrorism.” “I’m not afraid of terrorism,” you say? “It’s okay that I have to remove my shoes and belt and have my shampoo confiscated by T.S.A. Frankly, it doesn’t matter that my congressional representative and I don’t know how much my government is spending on surveillance. And the police are right to pat spectators down for weapons at the marathon. There are some suspicious people among us and in the environmental movement. Black youths wearing hoodies are not to be trusted. Those Hispanics and their anchor babies are sponging off my rightful benefits. And besides, the president may be a closet Muslim. What? Me afraid? Don’t be silly.”

Click on the highlighted area in this paragraph to read Professor Peter Ludlow’s column Fifty States of Fear in the January 19, 2014, New York Times. You will realize just how much America has been conditioned by its leaders to accept fear of terrorism and “the other.” The column is long but more than worth the time you will spend in reading it. Read it! You will come to realize that we could wake up in a few years in an American Orwellian nightmare. There’s no guarantee that another administration will respect its citizens or its constitution.

It’s not just evil men who are using fear to manipulate us, it is presumably patriotic American men and women who lust after the power to control us for their own ends. Even now, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) and Representative Mike Rogers (R, MI) are suggesting that Edward Snowden may be a conscious agent of the Russian government. They are resurrecting American fear of the godless communists, presumably in the service of undermining the credibility and heroic status of the whistleblower who revealed to the world American lawlessness.

Please read Professor Ludlow’s Fifty States of Fear and realize that only an aroused American people can stop this dangerous drift.


  1. I ain’t afraid of no terrorist! I got more weapons than James Bond. I got enough food to feed my woman and young’uns for months, and I got FOX NEWS on twenty-four-seven to tell me when those towel-head bastards are commin’.

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama may be president for now, but I ain’t havin’ no Kenyan tellin’ me how many bullets I can rack up! When those commies or camel jockeys show up on my front lawn, they’re in for a six pack of whup’ass! Just sayin’.

      • Don Bay on February 1, 2014 at 18:18

      Imagination comes in many forms. This is one of them and, with humor, helps illustrate the power of fear and where it can lead.

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