January 2014 archive

Jan 28

Fear is Destroying Democracy

In Brief— An irrational fear of terrorism is being used by the American government to control the minds and actions of the people, the “rabble” that are the lifeblood of democracy. Philosophy Professor Peter Ludlow of Northwestern University points out how the American people are being conditioned to accept the greater danger of authoritarianism while …

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Jan 23

America’s Pluses

In Brief— America can boast not only natural beauty but many positive attributes: the people are generally law-abiding, friendly and generous, both domestically and globally. Though troubled by the problems faced by most governments, it is considered a model for good governance and an engaged citizenry. A large, powerful and multi-cultural country, it remains a …

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Jan 18

Free Will—Thoughts and Considerations

In Brief—A review of the factors that influenced the author’s thought process in arguing that the concept of free will is damaging to the American judicial system. Failure to mandate introduction in evidence of the influence of an accused’s genetic inheritance and environment locks the system into turning a blind eye on the world as …

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Jan 12

Free Will Revisited

With this piece, the DeBaytable blog will start with a brief synopsis of the longer discussion that follows. Henceforth, each piece will be preceded by such a synopsis. This will afford the reader the opportunity to read just the synopsis to determine if the longer blog piece is of interest. This change will not in …

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Jan 06

Debaytable Reader Survey

Introduction— An interested reader has informed me that an Internet and blog expert told him that 1) Pieces over 300 to 350 words were too long; 2) That today’s readers would glance at a posting and if it were too long in their opinion, they would skip it and move on. Your job is to …

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Jan 02

Human Rights for Great Apes

Recognition of Self— “Beings who recognize themselves as ‘I’s.’ Those are persons.” Immanuel Kant’s philosophy according to philosophy professor Lori Gruen of Wesleyan University.  Great Apes Deserve Basic Human Rights— The Hominidae, of which humans are one of the four species in the taxonomic family along with chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas, is dominated by humans …

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