Nov 20

The Phony Politics of Anti-Abortion

Reason vs. Anti-Abortionists—

The voters of Albuquerque, New Mexico, wisely and soundly rejected an attempt by the misguided forces of the anti-abortionists (hereinafter “Anti-”) to take away a female’s right to decide for herself whether she will have an abortion or not. According to the story in the New York Times on November 20, Albuquerque’s voters sent the Antis packing with their misguided political message. This was a win for women who want to make decisions about their own bodies free of the political or religious agenda of those who want to put their own ignorance ahead of the choices of free and independent women.

Some simple facts are in order so ignorance—defined as a lack of knowledge—will be dispelled.

  •  Notwithstanding belief in myths, telling young people to “just say, No” is just not working. Why? Sex is powerful, particularly when the youthful hormones are flowing. Accidental pregnancies happen in the heat of passion regardless of age. Rarely, birth control measures fail and a pregnancy results.
  •  Age-appropriate sex education is fought tooth-and-nail by the Anti- crowd. In fact, sex education is opposed generally in the false belief that all sex education puts lascivious ideas in the heads of youth. Wake up, folks! The thoughts are already there. The only issue is whether the instruction is accurate and appropriate for the age of the child. Informed sources recommend that sex education begin for all children at the age when questions begin to arise. The questions may be “Where do babies come from?” “What are those dogs doing?” The point is, the child will set the timetable. A wise parent will respond honestly and in an appropriate way for the child to understand. When the parents don’t know or are not equipped to respond, the schools should have the job.
  •  The odds are considerably better than even that the Anti- faction deployed misleading if not false information. They always neglect to say that a therapeutic abortion is among the safest procedures in medicine. Furthermore, safe, legal therapeutic abortion is considered about fourteen times safer than childbirth. Without knowing more than was in the New York Times, I believe that it’s a fair guess that the people of Albuquerque were told or shown pictures that imply that many abortions take place beyond the first two trimesters (approximately 24 to 26 weeks) when the fetus is not yet capable of surviving on its own. In fact, virtually all abortions take place well within the first two trimesters. Repeat: virtually all abortions take place within the first two trimesters.
  • Until about the end of the tenth week, the developing embryo is not even categorized as a fetus but is little more than a mass of tissue that often is spontaneously aborted by the woman’s body without the necessity of a therapeutic abortion. This is often referred to as a miscarriage.
  • The Anti- faction often says that abortions lead to breast cancer, which is totally false, and that they lead to mental-health problems. The latter assertion is also without scientific foundation.
  • The Anti- faction neglects to tell people that elimination of safe abortions way too often leads to dangerous self-help and unsafe abortions resulting in needless deaths or infertility.
  • Finally, although this list of true statements is by no means exhaustive, the Anti- faction has a political or fundamentalist religious agenda: they want their world view to apply to everyone, even though the majority of Americans have repeatedly expressed themselves as opposed to the restriction or elimination of safe, legal abortions.

You may have views that are contrary to the facts presented here. If that is the case, please feel free to comment, but you can expect my rebuttal to any reasonable comment you may make. Those in agreement with this piece and those who want to add to the statements I have made should also feel free to comment.


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    • lionel burt on November 21, 2013 at 01:57

    Yo, Mr. Bay

    I do not disgaree with anything you wrote except for your extremely grievous mistake in the popular redundancy “whether or not”. Thw word “whether” covers it. Tsk,tsk..

    I have an anecdote regarding your suggestion that we let a child’s questiosn determine the presentation of information:

    A very littel girl asks her mommy “Where do babies come from? The mother struggles for a moment as to how graphic her answer will be but eventually settles on the most popular cop-out ” Babies come from the stork, sweetie!” she emplores. With a wrinkled brow and a scratch of the head, the kid then asks a follow-up: : Sooo…???? who fucks the stork??!”.

      • Don Bay on November 21, 2013 at 15:54

      A little humor almost helps us forget for a moment the ignorance and deceitfulness of the anti-abortion gang in their attempt to mislead voters into believing that somehow less freedom will solve the nation’s grievous problems. The fact that their misinformation and deceitfulness is accepted by some, particularly women, never fails to mystify me. Of course, some people believe anything from a misinformed friend that happens to arrive in their email inbox regardless of the errors and falsehoods the message contains. It’s called gullibility or laziness.

      Folks, don’t believe what the anti-abortion gang say regardless of their political agendum. Their agendum is to destroy a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. If the anti-abortion true believer doesn’t want an abortion, fine, she doesn’t have to get one, but let the rest of the ladies decide for themselves. It’s called FREEDOM.

  1. Here’s my take on what the anti-abortionists’ true agenda is: disempowering women, putting them in their place. Do anti-abortionists support birth control? No. In fact they often want to make that illegal, as well. Do they support programs that will help children, particularly poor children? No. In fact, they often want to cut those programs. Do they want to do anything to make it easier for women to work in order to support their families, for example, free or subsidized child care? No. “I’m a productive citizen. Why should my taxes support somebody else’s irresponsible choices?” they say.

    Clearly, their intent is to punish women for not leading a very narrow, specific lifestyle of which they approve– a married woman who stays home while Dad supports the family.

    Anti-abortionists like to call themselves pro-life. Their stances on the issues above show that’s a gross misnomer. I once heard someone say a more accurate term would be pro-birth. Because after the kid is born, they obviously lose interest.

      • Don Bay on November 22, 2013 at 09:37

      Amen! Amen! Kathlena’s observations hit the bull’s eye. The ABQ Journal deserves to get a letter (or twenty!) from readers pointing out that the anti-abortionists have only one goal: disempowering women and eliminating their freedom. They use deceit to do it. Oppose them with every breath you have. Be free to make your own choices!

    • Mary Ann Conley on November 22, 2013 at 14:55

    It was certainly a worrisome issue among the women I know and a great deal of fear that this measure was going to pass. The campaign funded by the “antis” who were publicly funded by a politically motivated organization who hailed from other climes was pervasive throughout the city. The goal is to disempower women as you noted. It is incredible to me that women would choose to disempower themselves. However they experienced a resounding loss which was publicized nationwide. That was a relief and heartening and hopefully a sign of future results country wide!

      • Don Bay on November 23, 2013 at 17:04

      I hesitated to cite the Anti-abortionist out-of-state money funneled into this referendum because legitimate national women’s organizations focused on women’s rights probably put some money into the battle as well. But you are undoubtedly right that large amounts of money were funneled into the state by right-wing political organizations interested not in the honest facts of women’s rights but in creating a wedge in the women’s movement that is devoted to fairness and equality. It’s always about women’s freedom and the right to have control over their own bodies. Women must always remember that and continue to fight for their rights.

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