November 2013 archive

Nov 30

Racism by Another Name

Racial Hatred Surfaces— My view is that the election of Barack Obama has opened Pandora’s Box to the baser side of human character. I attribute this to conscious or subconscious racism. I will say that louder: RACISM! Some will deny this, but I see no other logical reason. It was only after Obama’s election that the …

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Nov 26

The Female as Property

Females as Less-Than… Though there have been some improvements over the past fifty years and even within the past decade, the simple fact is that females are still treated as second-class citizens. I use the term “citizens” when in fact females the world over, whether American citizens or not, are lower on the privilege ladder …

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Nov 20

The Phony Politics of Anti-Abortion

Reason vs. Anti-Abortionists— The voters of Albuquerque, New Mexico, wisely and soundly rejected an attempt by the misguided forces of the anti-abortionists (hereinafter “Anti-”) to take away a female’s right to decide for herself whether she will have an abortion or not. According to the story in the New York Times on November 20, Albuquerque’s …

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Nov 11

Edward J. Snowden: Whistleblowing Hero

Hero Not Villain— Anybody not living in a cave in a remote corner of the globe knows that Edward J. Snowden, former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, downloaded a treasure trove of revealing documents showing that the agency was operating beyond its mandate to acquire intelligence that might reveal terrorist plots against America. I won’t …

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Nov 06

Social Security: A View from the Ground

On October 21, I wrote a piece titled “Social Security: The Truth” saying (among other points) that raising the cap is the simple way to solve whatever problems SS may face in the future. Kathlena Contreras wrote a comment that mentioned other problems with SS. Her comment deserves expansion. In this guest piece, Ms. Contreras …

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Nov 02

America is Exceptional (NOT)

Exceptional—Not usual: unusual or uncommon. Unusually good: much better than average.           See: America Is Not Unique— Reading the title of this piece, some of you may be like those ultra-patriotic citizens and politicians in being outraged that someone would dare to challenge such a sacred belief: that the United States is exceptional, …

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