October 2013 archive

Oct 28

Further Reflections on Death With Dignity

No Man is an Island— Many readers who commented on my pieces Musings on Death With Dignity (9/1/13) and Part 2 of Musings… (9/17/13) appeared to believe I was contemplating ending my life. Rather, I was stating my philosophy of personal autonomy and discussing a person’s presumed duty to weigh the consequences of taking one’s …

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Oct 21

Social Security: The Truth

Social Security and the Survival of Your Retirement— Social Security is not related to the federal deficit. It is funded by a tax that is withheld from your earnings during your working life. That money goes into a nearly $3 trillion trust fund that is healthy even though it can easily be made still healthier. …

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Oct 19

Islamophobia and Racism

Hatred of the “Other”— Phobia—A persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. Racism— 1. A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has …

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Oct 12

For the Love of Dog!

Mankind is not Perfect, Dogdom Is Close— Happiness is a warm puppy. Charles M. Schulz   Today, you dog owners can move to the head of the line. To cat owners and other animal lovers…well, I’m allergic to cats. When I enter a room where there’s a cat, the cat will invariably come and sit …

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Oct 07

Blogging on DeBaytable Blogging

To Blog or Not to Blog Expectations often fail to comport with reality. Such is the case with this blog. But before I expand on that, your assignment, should you choose to accept it (sound familiar, Charlie’s Angels fans?), is to review my first posting in August 2013: Words of Welcome…etc. You will find it …

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Oct 02

Part 2—Free Will: R.I.P.

Is Free Will Viable? This posting arises from Kathlena Contreras’ comment regarding my original posting on Free Will. A reply to her comment in the Comments section would be less visible to readers of this blog than a full discussion in a regular posting. Briefly, Ms. Contreras challenges the contention that free will is an …

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Oct 01

Free Will: R.I.P.

Free Will—A Zombie Existence Free Will may be a good subject for ethicists, philosophers and graduate student Ph.D. dissertations, but with the exception of preachers using it to condemn sinners or judges and lawyers using it to condemn accused criminals, does it really exist? Science has revealed that it really doesn’t exist. In a moment …

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