Sep 12

More on the Education of America’s Children

Diane Ravitch in the N.Y. Times

For those who have read my two earlier postings on the education of America’s children which you can find by scrolling down, the New York Times had an article on Diane Ravitch on September 10 that is well worth reading. It is titled “Loud Voice Fighting Tide of New Trend in Education.” Like her or dislike her, you will be impressed by her candor regarding the sorry state of today’s education of America’s children. Not incidentally, she is critical of her earlier positions on education, saying she was wrong.

Rather than quote at length about her credentials and her writings, I simply urge you to read the Times article, note her new book and look further for the details of her position on today’s education and how America is losing out in the world competition for the future. Make your own judgment on whether she is right or wrong in her assessment of the problem and the solution. Read the article highlighted above.