September 2013 archive

Sep 28

A Healthful Addiction: TED

Hooked On TED Talks— Several years ago, a friend suggested that I check out TED Talks, specifically a segment featuring brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor. I did and was immediately hooked. What is TED Talks? For the uninitiated, TED, is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design, although it has expanded its reach to subjects …

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Sep 25

The FIB Theory

What Do We Fear and Why? “Religion, since it has its source in terror, has dignified certain kinds of fear and made people think them not disgraceful. In this it has done mankind a great disservice: all fear is bad. I believe that when I die I shall rot, and nothing of my ego will …

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Sep 21

Marijuana: A Modest Proposal

Cannabis: The “Miracle” Weed? Weed. Grass. Pot. Ganja. Dope. These are just a few of the nicknames given to the plant Cannabis Sativa or, more commonly, Marijuana. It is a Schedule I drug in the United States along with heroin, cocaine and a whole list of genuinely dangerous drugs. But is it dangerous? Does it …

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Sep 19

A Writer’s Dilemma: Getting Noticed

Good Writing: Reaching the Readers Everybody wants to write a book. Most never do it, but many give it a try and manage to make it in the marketplace, whether through a traditional publisher or through self-publishing. Most books are awful, but some of those “penny dreadfuls” like the Fifty Shades erotic romance trilogy written …

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Sep 17

Part 2: Musings on Death With Dignity

The Best Laid Plans… Two little boys were placed in rooms filled respectively with brand new toys or horse manure and a shovel. After a while, the researchers opened the door to find the little boy in the room with the new toys crying, the toys untouched. Asked why he was crying, the little boy …

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Sep 15

Musings on Death With Dignity

Suicide: a Strictly Personal Decision? “Flowers for Algernon” tells the story of Charly, a retarded man who becomes a genius following an operation successfully pioneered by Algernon, the laboratory rat. The tragedy is when Charly realizes that his miraculous improvement is slipping away and his intellect is diminishing as Algernon’s did. This story made me …

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Sep 12

More on the Education of America’s Children

Diane Ravitch in the N.Y. Times For those who have read my two earlier postings on the education of America’s children which you can find by scrolling down, the New York Times had an article on Diane Ravitch on September 10 that is well worth reading. It is titled “Loud Voice Fighting Tide of New …

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Sep 08

Children As America’s Most Valuable Resource (Revisited)

Do NAEP Procedures Skew Results? This item is an addendum to my August 26 piece on the state of America’s unimpressive standing in the international field of education. It raises questions about the NAEP that came to light as a result of my posting. On August 26, I posted a piece in this blog (available …

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Sep 06

The Syrian Civil War and America’s Involvement

American Imperial Overreach I hadn’t thought I would post a piece on the Syrian Civil War until several friends asked me for my views and suggested I post my position on this blog. I stated that I am opposed to American involvement. I provided the reasons set forth below. They are in no particular order …

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Sep 04

The Critical Importance of Party Platforms

The Party Platform as Blueprint (It’s NOT Boring!) Being something of a political junkie, I decided to read the political platforms of the two major parties and the Green Party before the election in 2012. Yes, I said the political platforms of the two major parties. I recommend everybody do the same. It might just …

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