August 2013 archive

Aug 26

True or False: Children Are America’s Most Valuable Resource?

Congress Fails America’s Children Are children America’s most valuable resource? To the dedicated teachers I know and those who taught me when I was young, the answer is a resounding “YES!” To the cynical politicians who are catering to their rich benefactors who profit from the privatized educational industry, and to the politicians focused on …

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Aug 24

The Pillorying of Bradley Manning

Thirty-five Years!  Isn’t thirty-five years in prison more than a little excessive? This is the sentence handed down on August 21 this year by the military judge in the court martial of  whistleblower Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning. The prosecutors argued for almost double that number of years in prison, but the military judge in her …

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Aug 22

Words of Welcome and Some Descriptions of “Worth Checking Out”

Words of welcome and some explanations Welcome to my blog. This initial posting will provide you with some personal background and a description of the “Worth Checking Out” names and organizations you may not recognize. Personal stuff I was born in the middle of an America that today is different yet disturbingly similar in some …

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